Just a few days ago, we published a news article that had the online electronic cigarette community in some-what of a scare. This was all due to what we thought was a reliable source for information that was taken from The Wall Street Journal. Unfortunately, this is how misinformation gets spread across the web… but, when you’re a writer for this industry, there are very limited resources and a demand for constant content to be published. That said, I do apologize.

Although there was a lot of talk this past week about the Food and Drug Administration’s intentions, as well as the scare of online e-cig sales being banned, the FDA issued a statement saying that it did not discuss any possible regulations in a series of listening sessions held last week.

Yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief now.

“The FDA did not raise or weigh in on potential regulatory options — including any potential restrictions on e-cigarettes or any other particular product category — during these listening sessions,” said Mitch Zeller, director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products.

“Any details about the agency’s intent to regulate additional categories of tobacco products will be made publicly available to all interested parties at the same time, through the issuance of a proposed rule.” he added.

To better understand any concerns or questions, the FDA frequently meets with members of the tobacco industry, as well as with public health groups and other stakeholders. As part of this effort, listening sessions with e-cigarette companies have been held at their request and have given the FDA an opportunity to listen to their concerns and views.

Source: CSNews.com

Again, only going by the limited sources we have for this news.


  1. I am starting a non profit organization for vapors against cancer and on the path to get there i am working with some popular So. Cal e-juice companies. I am going to donate a percent of all sales everyday to lung cancer and cancer research. I was wondering if there is any reason I shouldn’t proceed on my path to join the fight against cancer and involve my industry with fundraisers and charities. Any insight or support will be so helpful,thank you.

    • The industry lies about cancer, it is NOT a cell, cancer IS a fungus and can be cured through ozone therapy and/or peroxide therapy. I am living proof cancer can be cured without unnecessary procedures and unnecessary medication/poison!


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