Talk about a loaded question, what is the greatest vaping setup ever?  Almost every vaper I speak to has an opinion on this matter.

With so many different devices and combinations of vaping equipment available, it is almost impossible for any 1 setup to shine above the rest.  Unfortunately, vaping devices have become like sports teams in most cases, you have “Team Sigelei” who hate everything but their Sig’s, the KangerTech Crew who will only kick it with a K and a plethora of other little cliques developing within the community.

If I ran a comprehensive poll today of every vaper in North America, we will see who the front-runners are.  By next week, though, with the advent of new devices and greater technology this fluid market will have changed and so will the greatest setup of all times.

Let’s Talk People’s..

It is human nature to want to be the best, to have the best, it is hard-wired into us at birth to strive for greatness.  Unfortunately, we are also encoded with these annoying little things called opinions, everyone has them and it is rare that 2 of them are exactly the same.  They might be close to other people’s, but when you dig at the question for more details you generally find that what may appear to be a 100% validation of your opinion may, in fact, be something entirely different beneath the surface that just happened to agree with your final conclusion.

Why Is This Important?

Greatest Vaping Setup Ever: STOPNot just in vaping, but every aspect of life, we should respect the opinions of others.  We should never try to jam our thoughts down someone else’s throats as if their beliefs are of little value.  You see and hear it every day, you turn a blind eye to it because that’s just the way things are.

It has become the norm to shame people if they don’t follow your thought process, to make them feel small for not agreeing with you implicitly and it has to stop.

 Back To The Original Question

The answer to the question, what is the greatest vape mod ever is simple.  The greatest vape mod is whatever works for you.  There is no right or wrong answer, in the world of Tobacco Harm Reduction, the greatest vape mod is the one that helps you stay away from cigarettes, period.  The majority of us are here because we want, or wanted, to get away from combustible tobacco and chose to vape to achieve that goal.  How you vape and what you vape is honestly the business of no-one but yourself – so choose what works for you and stick with your solution.

Offering your opinion to others is fine, just don’t try to bash them down until they agree with you.  Cloud chasers like big machines with low builds, that is what works for them, the same way that others prefer smaller devices and not so much vapor production.  Whichever method they choose to vape is acceptable and none of anyone else’s business.  If you spend your time giving grief to someone because they are using an Ego device, telling them they need to upgrade to a CloudChucker 9000, maybe it’s time to take yourself off “Team Judgemental” and start paying attention to yourself for a while.  The same goes for those who are decrying cloud chasers for using devices that make massive plumes.  At the end of the day unless you are that person’s parent or spouse your opinion is neither requested or needed, keep it to yourself and we may all just lead a happier, healthier life.

As always, enjoy your vaporizer and vape safe!