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The Joyetech eVic

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The New Joyetech eVic is a monster in improved technology coming to the electronic cigarette market. If you’ve ever sat back and wondered how electronic cigarettes would look and function in the future, then wonder no more… the future is here.

The Joyetech eVic is an advanced personal vaporizer that features its own built in visual operating system. The operating system can be controlled through the device or via a program on your computer, along with viewing multiple statistical information on your device. Just like any other program, the operating system is based on different versions, which can downloaded and installed to your eVic from the Joyetech website.

Vapor Intelligent Cigarette

The eVic revolutionarily adopts a visual operating system which is able to record and manage your vapor history. Meanwhile, it can realize human-machine interaction through connecting with computer, and show you smoking information clearly. In addition, extra large capacity gives you the perfect vapor all day long.

The eVic consists of a control head, a battery tube, a rechargeable Samsung 18650 – 2600mAh battery and a USB cable. The completely assembled eVic is 124mm in length and weighs 114g.


  • Visual operating system
  •  Device temperature monitoring
  •  Output short circuit protection
  • Output open circuit protection
  • Overtime working protection
  • Low voltage protection

As you can see, the eVic has carried on its twisting adjustment or ‘direction key’, giving you the ability to navigate through the operating system. The USB port is perfectly placed on the control head, which gives the user the ability to tune into and install other versions of the operating system.

eVic Control Head

The eVic control head is the brain of the eVic, and it can be operated through the dedicated system – the eVic program. With high safety and stability, the eVic control head brings the strong reliability to users. The introduction of the idea of human-machine interaction also makes users acquire more information and get better understanding about eVic.

eVic Visual Operating System

 eVic Features

  • Power on/off: Activate battery energy output, Deactivate battery energy output.
  • Battery Indicator: Show battery remaining power. It will warn when the battery decreases to 5%.
  • Variable Voltage: Adjust output voltage of the battery.
  • Standby Setting: Set standby time of the screen, set standby time of the system.
  • Puff Setting: Show/renew current total puff number, set reminder puff number.
  • Show Inhaling: Show vaping time on the screen.
  • Date Setting: Set time and date of the device manually or update through MVR automatically.
  • Chart Analysis: After connecting with computer, you will have full access to your vapor record.
  • Device Parameters: Show resistance of the atomizer, show output voltage and wattage of the battery.
  • Battery Protection: Overheating protection, short circuit protection, low voltage protection, battery inversion protection.
  • Energy Saving: Screen of the device will go out when not used. System of the device will fall asleep when not used.
  • PC Operation: Through connecting with a computer, you can modify information of the device more conveniently.
My Vapor Record (MVR) is a special PC software of eVic. It has professional data statistics function which can record your vapor information more effectively. The design of PC software realizes human-machine interaction through connecting with a computer. After your convenient and quick setup, you just click the mouse and your vapor record will be displayed on the computer.


How’s that for an electronic cigarette? Your opinions are welcomed below in the comment section.

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