Today I will be reviewing the Orchid V3 Clone by Tobeco.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Orchid V3, it is a rebuildable tank atomizer manufactured originally by Aethertech.  Aethertech is a company located out of California, which specializes in design, manufacturing, and distributing of high-end vape hardware and devices.  Aethertech is also highly known for its Plume Veil rebuildable tank atomizer.


The Orchid V3 Clone By Tobeco is a great dual coil rebuildable tank atomizer!  It has the looks of a Kayfun, but the vape of a dripper.  The top cap has heat-sink fins that help to keep your 510 drip tip from getting hot due to the coils heating up the chimney and that heat radiating to the drip tip.  The body of the Orchid V3 has two stainless steel sections with a poly carbonate clear section.  The chimney of the Orchid has an etched logo on it which is visible through the poly carbonate clear section.  The  deck of the Orchid has a copper, non adjustable, pin for the positive block, two negative posts, and two airflow holes that rest directly under the coils.  The positive block has two positive connections to allow easier builds with dual or quad coils.

Orchid V3 Fins

Orchid V3 Chimney


The Orchid V3 is 22mm in diameter, has a 4ml tank capacity, and heat-sink fins to keep the drip tip from heating up while vaping with those lower ohm builds.  With dual airflow holes, about 1.5mm in diameter, allows for a very nice loss draw so that you can do those lung hits, but still restrictive enough to allow for those mouth to lung hits as well.

The deck has a copper positive pin that is non adjustable, but sits just far enough below the 510 that it makes connection without any worry of any shorting issues.  The positive block has two positive post, like the Plume Veil and the Hobo, to allow for ease of building dual and quad coils.  There are also dual negative posts.  The juice flow channels are large enough to wick your higher vg juices perfectly, without the worry of a dry hit.  The final part is the bottom fill screw that is recessed into the deck and has an o-ring on the screw to prevent leaking.

The threading on all parts of the Orchid V3 have been very smooth, and seal tightly without any leeks. Additionally, to fill this particular tank, there is a screw located at the bottom. However, if you can keep a vacuum, it’s better to fill from the top of the atomizer, which will help prevent it from leaking.

Orchid V3 Bottom


Orchid V3 Parts


The Orchid V3 with a duel coil 0.7Ω build, was a very pleasant vape.  There was a great amount of vapor produced , and the flavor was very good.  The airflow on the Orchid was right where I like to vape, not too tight where I wasn’t able to do a lung hit and not too open to where I wasn’t able to do a mouth to lung.  The vape at 0.7Ω was a nice cool vape. There was plenty of flavor and the vapor production is outstanding.  I never once got a dry hit, no matter if it was just lung inhales or it was mouth to lung inhale.  The juice just kept flowing, and that’s one of the key points to this rebuildable tank atomizer.

Orchid V3 Deck



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