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The Smoov eCig and Starter Kit has received a lot of hype, yet it’s the same style and size as a stick style electronic cigarette. You might be wondering why it’s become so popular and to be honest, I was wondering the same. With that being said, I was excited when Andrew from sent us the Smoov Starter Kit for GuideToVaping’s take on it. After receiving the package and before putting it through the ringer, Troop and I had a long discussion about the product. Troop believes that it could be a nice quality product, but he was unsure if it’s a great device to turn a new vaper to. His doubts are mainly directed to battery life. For me, I’m aware that the problem relies on battery life and performance with a stick style battery. Trust me, just because we receive a free product for review doesn’t mean we automatically like it. With that being said, I’ve decided to really put this device to the test.

After receiving the package, the looks of the Smoov was nice and sleek. The starter kit came with two 65mm auto batteries, 6 un-filled cartomizers, a wall charger and a USB charger. The un-filled cartomizers is a big plus. 90% of the time, the cartomizers that come with starter kits are pre-filled with awful china e-liquid, but with the Smoov kit, they aren’t filled, giving you the option to choose any e-liquid to fill them with. The packaging was very nice and came in a black box with the name Smoov displayed on the front.

After filling a cartomizer with some Pearalyzing Peach, I screwed onto the carto and took my first vape from the Smoov. I was blown away at how much vapor this little discreet e-cig put out. immediately I could tell that the performance was there. I’m not too big on lugging around my daily mod when I go outdoors because of the size, so something small like this would be ideal and that great performance it produces makes it that much better.

I can see myself using the Smoov for a daily outdoor vape, but if the battery life isn’t there, it just won’t work for me and I really don’t see it working for those just getting into vaping either. With that being said, it was time to put the Smoov to the test.

What I decided to do is… I’ll give it a fresh charge and vape only the Smoov through the whole battery life. I’ll keep track of how many puffs I take and at what time, along with writing down when I feel a decrease in performance. Here is what the log turned out to look like. I do know this makes for a long review, but I just had to put the Smoov to the test and display my results.

  • Start: 5:35PM (Fresh Battery)
  • Puff 1: 5:35PM (Slight warmth, good airflow)
  • Puff 2: 5:35PM
  • Puff 3: 5:40PM
  • Puff 4: 5:43PM
  • Puff 5: 5:43PM
  • Puff 6: 5:55PM
  • Puff 7: 5:55PM
  • Puff 8: 6:00PM
  • Puff 9: 6:00PM
  • Puff 10: 6:05PM
  • Puff 11: 6:05PM
  • Puff 12: 6:05PM
  • Puff 13: 6:05PM
  • Puff 14: 6:10PM
  • Puff 15: 6:10PM
  • Puff 16: 6:10PM
  • Puff 17: 7:04PM
  • Puff 18: 7:15PM
  • Puff 19: 7:16PM
  • Puff 20: 7:16PM
  • Puff 21: 7:29PM
  • Puff 22: 7:54PM
  • Puff 23: 7:54PM
  • Puff 24: 7:54PM
  • Puff 25: 8:03PM
  • Puff 26: 8:03PM
  • Puff 27: 8:17PM
  • Puff 28: 8:17PM
  • Puff 29: 8:20PM
  • Puff 30: 8:20PM (I can tell a slight drop in performance)
  • Puff 31: 8:21PM (Starting to lack warmth)
  • Puff 32: 8:29PM
  • Puff 33: 8:29PM
  • Puff 34: 8:58PM
  • Puff 35: 8:58PM
  • Puff 36: 9:07PM
  • Puff 38: 9:18PM
  • Puff 39: 9:18PM
  • Puff 40: 9:18PM
  • Puff 41: 9:43PM
  • Puff 42: 9:43PM (Noticed another decrease in performance)
  • Puff 43: 9:44PM (Lacking a lot of warmth)
  • Puff 44: 9:52PM
  • Puff 45: 9:52PM
  • Puff 46: 9:53PM
  • Puff 47: 9:54PM
  • Puff 48: 10:02PM
  • Puff 49: 10:02PM
  • Puff 50: 10:03PM
  • Puff 51: 10:03PM
  • Puff 52: 10:25PM
  • Puff 53: 10:26PM
  • Puff 54: 10:26PM
  • Puff 55: 10:37PM
  • Puff 56: 10:37PM
  • Puff 57: 10:41PM
  • Puff 58: 10:42PM
  • Puff 59: 10:43PM
  • Puff 60: 10:43PM
  • Puff 61: 10:58PM
  • Puff 62: 10:59PM (Really weak at this point, I need a battery change)
  • Puff 63: 11:00PM (Changed Battery – ahh, new battery! warmer now)
  • Puff 64: 11:01PM (Great performance, nice vapor)

As you can see, the Smoov held it’s ground. It performed very well and held it’s performance throughout the 5hrs and 36min battery life. How’s that for a stick style battery? – Troop and myself were amazed at the battery life and the performance of the Smoov. Just as a note, throughout that time, I only used the Smoov. The only thing I wasn’t big on was the lack of warmth. My daily PV is a LavaTube that I keep at about 4.5v-4.7v, so the warmth is a big thing for me. If I were to actually use the Smoov on a daily basis, would it work for me though?

Today my son had a baseball game and I decided to bring along only the Smoov. I brought my Smoov, an extra battery (just in case) and a small bottle of e-liquid. The Smoov was small enough to fit in my pocket with no problems and satisfy me throughout my time at the game. I didn’t need the second battery and in fact, I was still using the Smoov once I got home. Outstanding battery life!

[youtube id=”7TaFCkTT-84″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

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Overall: The Smoov E-Cigarette works great, the performance works well, the vapor production is awesome and the battery life is much better than a typical stick style e-cig. And, the name definitely brightens your day (lol). If you’re looking for a quality starter kit that won’t let you down, visit for the Smoov Starter Kit.

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

Blake is the owner and creator of the Guide To Vaping blog. He has expressed his passion for the vaping industry through his deeply rooted and highly informative content. Being a writer and content provider for the vaping industry for year's, Blake has also gained experience from working with multiple blogs and well respected companies.

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  1. What is the life expectancy of a Smoov ecig 78 mm battery?

  2. I have no idea what the life of the battery is but I will say this. I have tried five, count them, FIVE e-cigs and EVERY ONE FAILED. So my neighbor had this e-cig called the smoov. He insisted that it worked and lent me his extra one. I have had it for three days now and it is not only still working, it is working FANTASTICALLY!!!!! I swore off the e-cigs because of the money I spent and none worked. But I am here on this web page because I am going to order my own smoov!!!! I can’t believe how well it works. I have been a smoker for 45 years!!!! Now I am ready to quit for good thanks to the wonderful SMOOV!!!! I don’t know who invented it but THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

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