Today I’m going to be reviewing an 18mg bottle of Tiger’s Blood from TexasSelectVapor. It is said to be a mix of berry, melon, and a hint of coconut. All of TexasSelectVapor’s liquid is mixed 70pg/30vg. I will be using my 510 box mod 5v passthrough with a regular 2.8ohm bauway atomizer. I regularly vape 18mg e-liquids only as well so it will be perfect level of nicotine for me.

To begin with I typically dislike the flavor coconut with a passion, never had anything with coconut I really liked at all. So for those of you who feel the same about it as me continue reading. Upon my first couple vapes I couldn’t really get the taste down of what exactly I was tasting it was an odd taste though. After taking a few more vapes I began tasting almost every flavor at a hint and suprisingly could taste the hint of coconut as well but liked it. This e-liquid has a unique taste to it, it’s exactly as described. The flavors are very balanced and I have to say they did a really good job mixing this liquid. The throat hit I’ve been getting off of it isn’t too much but isn’t low either it’s very smooth. The vapor production is great I’ve been getting quite a bit so that is a plus as well.

Overall I’d have to say this a good tropical tasting fruit e-liquid, not so much like candy fruit. The throat hit and vapor production are almost perfect for me, I prefer a bit more throat hit though. I think they should definetely offer some different mix percentages for their e-liquids however. I recommend anyone who enjoys the tropical fruit tasting e-liquid to give this one a try if you haven’t already you will most likely enjoy it.

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