In this top 10 best mods under $40 list, we go in-depth with a search to find the best mods we can possibly recommend while staying under the $40 price mark. As many of you know, there are many great mods on the market, which makes it feel as if the market has already been saturated to the point where it’s tough to decide what is good, what isn’t, and which are better than other. With this list we aim to cut out any confusion so that you’ll find the very best mods at an affordable price. We’ll base this list on several factors, such as appearance, quality, performance, and of course, price. Feel free to share this list with your friends and family members; we’ll appreciate and we’re sure they will also.

Note: There are 10 total pages, each containing one of the best mods under $40. We have separated this list with its own page because we will be describing the mod, its features, and best qualities in full detail so that you know everything about the mods we’re recommending to you. Visit each page to discover the top 10 best mods under $40. The mods on this list are placed in no particular order and only reflects the opinion of the author.

1. DOVPO Trigger 168W Box Mod

The DOVPO Trigger 168W Box Mod is the latest to bless DOVPO’s strong arsenal of high-performance mods. At a time when high wattage is an extreme demand, an industry full of powerful sub-ohm tanks, and the demand of more affordable options, DOVPO has released one of its best mods yet. The DOVPO Trigger features quality materials that make the device durable and reliable, while its built-in tech allows for a remarkable power output and great versatility with options like a full temperature control suite. We feel at this point in time, the DOVPO Trigger Box Mod is one of the best mods under $40.


DOVPO Trigger ModConstructed of high-quality zinc alloy that ensures both durability and reliability, you can be sure you’re getting a mod worth more than its cost simply from the feel. You immediately sense the precise machining and weighted feel, despite its small size of 91mm by 51mm by 24mm. On top of minimal features that make a great impact, such as spring-loaded contacts, a gold-plated spring-loaded 510 threading and firing pin, and a dual magnetized battery door that conceals a dual 18650 battery bay, you’ll find that the little features make a huge difference. There are many perks to owning the DOVPO Trigger Box Mod and one of them happens to be its looks. The DOVPO Trigger Mod offers a highly appealing appearance, gifted with a 0.96 OLED screen with a vertical arrangement and a four button control face that includes an oversized firing button, adjustment buttons, and a set button that allows you to easily cycle through different modes without the need to visit a complex menu.

If it’s power you seek, you’ll have the ability to reach up to 168 watts and the option of firing down as low as 0.1Ω. While we mentioned that the DOVPO Trigger Mod houses two 18650 batteries, we want to also make you aware that this device has a built-in micro-USB port for charging, and up to 2A quick balance charging. Lastly, a full temperature control suite is included, which supports many wire types. You’ll have the capability of using ni200 nickel, titanium, stainless steel, and adjustable three memory TCR functionality.

2. SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit

The SMOK Priv V8 Starter Kit has become the latest talk within the market because it adopts the ergonomic design, convenience, and great performance found throughout SMOK’s highly popular “Priv” line-up of mods. The good thing about this offering is that it rests below the $40 mark and comes packaged as a kit that includes both the Priv V8 Mod and the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Tank. This is definitely one of the best mods under $40 for not only its price but also because it’s a packaged deal. You simply can’t beat this one!


SMOK Priv V8 KitVery compact with dimensions of 80mm by 34mm by 24.5mm with a zinc alloy constructed, the SMOK Priv V8 Mod offers both a small and convenient size with the added bonus of durability. While a simple design is very intriguing and convenience being top rated in a recent survey, the SMOK Priv V8 still offers an outstanding performance. SMOK has shared that this is a 60W Mod but it uses a direct voltage out, meaning power is dependent on the battery’s current state. With that said, when you combine the 0.25Ω coil and direct voltage output when the battery is fully charged, you’ll push rough 60 watts of vaping power from this little guy. Besides that, the SMOK Priv V8 Mod holds a single 18650 battery that’s replaceable and rechargeable via the built-in micro-USB port. To access the battery compartment there is a sliding battery door cover to make sure the battery is concealed for safety at all times.

As a complete starter kit the SMOK Priv V8 also includes the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Tank. It features a stainless steel and glass construction while its base is only 22mm in diameter. Along with a 510 threaded connection on the bottom and a wide bore delrin drip tip at the top, there’s also dual bottom adjustable airflow to allow for great air pass through, which means a greater potential for flavor and vapor. Furthermore, the TFV8 Baby Beast Tank offers a top fill design, a 3ML e-liquid capacity, a larger air tube for higher airflow efficiency, and it uses the SMOK Baby Beast V8 Core coils that allows you to take advantage of the V8 Baby-M2 coil head that’s a 0.25Ω dual coil.

3. Sigelei Kaos Spectrum 230W Mod

The Sigelei Kaos Spectrum gained loads of hype on its release and is still one of the most purchased mods on the market due to its incredible design that includes an LED light bezel, its TFT full-color display, its high wattage output, and of course its low price. While many people out there are still paying an arm and a leg for this mod, we’ve found it for an incredible price that’s simply too good to beat. For those reasons, we feel that this is one of the best mods under $40.


Sigelei Kaos Spectrum ModFeaturing a zinc alloy construction and a compact design, the Sigelei Kaos Spectrum 230W Mod offers both quality and durability for its users. Though simple in design, its added LED light bezel is where this device wakes up and becomes something completely different. You’ll have the ability to customize the LED light bezel by changing its 6 different color options for a unique and very impressive appearance. While its light bezel may bring the appeal to this mod, it certainly isn’t required since the 0.96″ TFT full-color display screen will interest you enough. It offers a full readout and changes colors dependent on settings you input, such as when you increase the wattage. Speaking of wattage, the Kaos Spectrum Mod can allow you to reach up to 230 watts and allows you to fire down as low as 0.1Ω. To allow this much power, there are two 18650 batteries that are required, and a micro-USB port is equipped which offers fast and balanced charging support. Lastly, you’ll enjoy a full temperature control suite that supports ni200 nickel, titanium, stainless steel 304/316/317, TCR functionality, and preheat functionality. This device offers so much, yet you pay less than $40, which is the very reason why it was a must to include it on this list.

4. SMOK ProColor 225W Kit

Stunning in design, the SMOK ProColor 225W Kit offers an appealing look that you’ll surely be satisfied with. SMOK has certainly outdone themselves with the design of their products being released for the last couple of years, and they didn’t shy from that trend with the ProColor Mod. Though this mod doesn’t normally sit under $40, we’ve found a deal that will only have you shelling out just $39.99! Though pushing it, it fits into our $40 mark. What makes this deal even sweeter is that it’s a full kit, combining both the SMOK ProColor Mod with the SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Tank.


SMOK ProColor ModCompact judging by its 85mm by 46mm by 29.5mm size, the SMOK ProColor can still carry dual 18650 batteries. While looks and battery life may seem like its high point, it all features a full display matrix with rich data feedback from its intuitive 1.3″ full-color OLED display screen. Along with minor features, such as a stealth firing bar mechanism, a hinged battery cover, two adjustment buttons, a micro-USB port and a full protection suite, it still offers even more from its 12-colorful LED backlight trim, which is fully customizable. As for the performance, the SMOK ProColor offers up to 225 watts of vaping power with a 0.06Ω minimum resistance. Temperature control is also equipped, which support ni200 nickel, titanium, and stainless steel.

Being that this is actually a full kit you’re getting here for $39.99, we must tell you about the SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Tank that rests atop of this beauty. It’s constructed of stainless steel and glass while featuring a 24.5mm diameter. Get ready for a large 5ML e-liquid capacity and a convenient top fill design with a hinge lock. At the bottom, you can take advantage of dual adjustable airflow control, while at the top a black Delrin drip tip plays into the wide and very free-flowing airflow. Lastly, what makes this tank tick is the included 0.4Ω V* Baby-Q2 dual coil and the 0.15Ω V8 Baby-T8 octuple coil; both being apart of the patented baby turbo engines coil structure.

5. Pioneer4You IPV D4 80W Mod

The Pioneer4You IPV D4 80W Mod is the latest addition to the lengthy IPV series of mods. While this series may be something new to you, it actually pushes back many years ago when the original IPV1 35W Mod was released. Since then the manufacturer has made many improvements to its selection, it’s released several new additions to the series, and the IPV D4 is just the latest to join the list. This mod, in particular, fits into this list because it’s small, convenient, powerful, advanced, and being sold below that $40 price mark. We will this is one of the best mods under $40.


Pioneer4You IPV D4 ModBoasting a compact design of 80mm by 42.9mm by 25mm, you’ll endure both a convenient and comfortable feel from this remarkably crafted vaporizer. It’s wildly simple as there aren’t huge screens nor out of place buttons. Everything is uninformed, symmetrical, and your controls are all placed on the front facing of the device for easy navigation and operation. Housing a replaceable single 18650 battery and an equipped micro-USB port for charging, you’ll find that the IPV D4 Mod is better suited for those who are more mobile. There are 3 buttons that control this device, including a large firing button and two adjustment buttons. Just below there’s an intuitive LED screen with a vertical arrangement. As for power, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of the YiHi SX130H chipset that comes equipped. It offers a 5 to 80W output, a 0.15Ω minimum resistance, and a full temperature control suite that allows you to experience ni200 nickel, titanium, 304 stainless steel, and TCR functionality.

6. Vandy Vape Pulse BF Squonk Mod

Vandy Vape has released some incredible products throughout its existence, and now they’ve released the new Vandy Vape Pulse BF Squonk Mod with a matching incredible price. I feel this list wouldn’t be complete without at least one squonk mod, since the squonk mod market is beginning to gain some popularity. The Pulse BF Squonk Mod is simple from first impressions but offers the squonk feature and has several colorful places to choose from, making it easy to change its appearance. What we like about this mod, even more, is that it’s only $38.99, making it one of the best mods under $40.


Vandy Vape Pulse BF SquonkThe Vandy Vape Pulse BF Squonk Mod is the latest addition to the squonk mod market, this time offering an unregulated design that many have become used to with squonk mods. For those that know little about unregulated mods, it means that there are no buttons to control wattage, as the device relies strictly on the battery to generate its power. When you couple this with a low resistance coil, the equivalent wattage you’re able to achieve is through the roof. 300 watts, no big deal! The Pulse BF Squonk Mod offers a new innovative design with the partnership of Vandy Vape and Tony Brittan from the Vapor Trail Channel. Though he might simply be a YouTube reality, he knows what he’s doing when it comes to designing a squonk mod, because the Pulse BF Squonk Mod was well thought out. The Pulse BF Squonk Mod is capable of holding a single 18650 battery or the new 20700 batteries that are beginning to gain more traction throughout the vaping industry. It features an intelligent fire button, an 8ML food grade silicone bottle, which makes squonking super easy when squeezing the bottle. It features all copper contacts with no wires, eliminating any chance of potential failure, and it also adopts a magnetic structure design that makes it easy to replace colored panels. You can choose from red, cyan, grey, white, black, purple, or blue.

7. SMOK QBox Starter Kit

SMOK has revealed several brilliant designs in its time but one we’ve taken a strong liking to is the new SMOK QBox Starter Kit. Give us a chance to list the reasons why. For starters, it looks very appealing, especially since you can choose between five color options, the tank matches in color, it’s small in size making it very convenient to use, it’s very powerful for its small size, and of course, it fits under the $40 mark we’re shooting for. For only $34.79 you’ll get not only a mod but you’ll get a powerful tank as well. It has many of the great qualities you seek when buying a mod, and that’s why we felt it was a must to be placed on this list.


SMOK QBox KitSporting a compact design, a very appealing appearance and loads of features, we just know you’ll enjoy this mod. Not only do you have the choice between five color options but you’ll also enjoy its extra large OLED screen that features a six line and three column display. It literally spans the entire front facing of the device. It offers a three-button control face with a single firing button and two adjustment buttons. What you have to understand is how convenient and mobile this device is, as it’s only 54.8mm by 33.57mm by 25mm in size. Though very small, it still offers a built-in LiPo 1600mAh battery that is rechargeable via the onboard micro-USB port. The micro-USB port also serves as a way to update the device’s firmware in the future as well. Again, despite its small size it also gives the ability to reach up to 50 watts, firing down as low as 0.1Ω in wattage mode, and there are three different output settings of soft, normal and hard. Temperature control is also included as another mode to take advantage of. The TC mode supports ni200 nickel, titanium, stainless steel, and the ability to fire down as low as 0.06Ω.

What makes this deal even better is that the SMOK TFV8 Baby Tank comes included in the package. It offers a stainless steel and glass construction, it’s 22mm in diameter, and you’ll find that this tank is 30% smaller than the original TFV8, making it the perfect pairing for this QBox Mod. Though small, it offers a 3ML e-liquid capacity, a hinge and lock top fill design, an 8.5mm delrin drip tip, and for fine tuning your performance, there’s bottom dual adjustable airflow control from 13mm by 2mm air slots. This tank utilizes the SMOK baby M2 Coil Family, which means you’ll be able to experience a 0.25Ω dual coil with a range of 30 to 50 watts.

8. VOOPOO Black Drag Resin Mod

Though it isn’t the most popular brand on the market, VOOPOO has suddenly climbed the ranks with its latest addition to the market, the VOOPOO Black Drag Resin Mod. The Black Drag Resin Mod is stunning in design, it uses the Gene Chipset, and offers a performance that many only wish of. What makes this VOOPOO Black Drag Resin Mod even better is that you can get it for less than $40 using coupon “halloween5off” for 5% off the original $40.90 retail price. Brings your total to $38.85, at least at the time of writing this.


VOOPOO Black Drag Resin ModConstructed using a stainless steel frame and a resin filled panel to mimic the appearance of the popular stab wood look, the VOOPOO Black Drag Resin Mod is certainly something you’ll enjoy looking at. The Black Drag Resin Mod can hold dual 18650 batteries and uses a dual magnetic battery access door to conceal the batteries that are running in series. Look to the outer appearance, there is a 0.91 inch OLED display and a three-button control. The top sports a spring-loaded gold-plated 510 connection with stainless steel threads. Its internals use the Gene Chip, which offers up to 157 watts, a minimum resistance of 0.05Ω, 95% working efficiency, as well as several different modes, such as Smart VW, Super Mode, Customization Mod with a 5 bank memory, and it’s all compatible with the VOOPOO PC App that will allow you to change to a custom logo and customize settings to your preference. Lastly, you’ll get a stab at a full temperature control suite with the support of ni200 nickel, titanium, stainless steel 316, as well as TCR functionality.

9. Smoant BattleStar 200W Mod

From the Rabox Mini to the Charon TS 218, Smoant has released some of the most stellar mods available on the market. Unfortunately, many of them do not get the attention they deserve despite their great looks and loads of power. However, the Smoant BattleStar 200W Mod has made quite the impression on the vaping community due to its compact size, its lightweight feel, and its remarkable power output. What’s made this mod such a winner though, above all, is that it’s seated just below the $40 mark with a price of $36.99! This is one of the best mods under $40.

Smoant BattleStar 200w ModUtilizing durable zinc alloy material that’s coupled by an ergonomic design that’s simple, yet appealing, the Smoant BattleStar 200W Mod is something we feel that’s worth taking a color look at. It offers a nice OLED display with a three column display and a three-button control face. Along with a micro-USB port for both charging and future firmware upgrades, you’ll enjoy the gold plated contacts, the spring-loaded gold-plated connection with stainless steel threads, and the ability to hold dual 18650 batteries. To hold this much battery power there’s a quad magnetic back battery access door to ensure the batteries stay in position at all times, yet at the ready when you need to change them out. As for its internals, you’ll receive the capability of reaching up to 200 watts for a high-performance output and little to no firing delay. Its TC feature is also nice, as it supports ni200 nickel, titanium, stainless steel 304/316/317, as well as TCR functionality, a three-setting memory bank, and resistance read and lock.

10. Joyetech ATOPACK Penguin SE Pod Mod

While many may feel it isn’t worthy of being called a mod, nor worthy of being on this list for that matter, I obviously have different feelings. There are loads of great products on the market that produce far better clouds than this device, far better battery life, and even much better looks. However, I feel that the Joyetech ATOPACK Penguin SE Pod Mod is one of the best mods under $40 because of three strong factors that may be overlooked: 1) it’s super compact and very conveient. 2) it offers a very nice performance despite its small size and direct voltage output. 3) it’s amazingly user-friendly, meaning any vaper, just starting out or more experience, can use it with ease and without confusion. I have been vaping since 2011 and it’s one of my most favorite mods out of the over 100 mods that I own. Above all, it only costs $25.19 when you use coupon “DNA10” which gives you 10% off the original $27.99 price.


Joyetech PenguinFeaturing a futuristic, minimalistic appearance and sporting a convenient and very easy to use design, the Joyetech ATOPACK Penguin SE Pod Mod is one that we know you’ll enjoy if you give it a chance. Though its looks aren’t plastered with LED’s or bedazzled so much it looks like a 12 years olds high tops, you can be sure that what you’re getting is a pod mod created with your vaping experience in mind. First off, it offers an all-in-one pod design, meaning you simply pull the pod out of the mod to quickly fill it with e-liquid. It holds up to 8.8ML’s of e-liquid and uses the JVIC Coil System. This coil system offers ceramic housing coils that use organic cotton, and they come in a 0.6Ω mouth-to-lung version of a 0.25Ω direct-lung version (0.25 ohm is the best of the two IMO). It uses a direct voltage output, so your performance will rely on the battery’s current state. A micro-USB port is built into the device for quick charging at a 2.0A charge rate. A five LED battery life indicator is present on the front facing of the device that will display the current state of the battery. And lastly, it offers an oversized firing button and satfety features that include low battery protection, atomizer short protection, and temperature protection.