As a beginner, you might be a little nervous as you start to grow your marijuana because you have little knowledge of growing marijuana. Marijuana growers face challenges like pests, diseases, and weather fluctuations. You need to take care of your plants, especially on week 3 and 4 of the flowering period, to ensure you harvest excellent yields from your cannabis plants.

Here are some techniques to help you increase your cannabis yields:


Toping entails cutting off the top parts of your cannabis plant to enable it to grow more dense and full. Most experienced farmers use this method in various plants to encourage the plants to grow bushy instead of tall and thin.

Topping keeps the plant wider enabling it to get access to direct sunlight. With this practice, you can grow more bushy marijuana plants. Hence, more yields.


Lollipopping involves removing small and side branches of your plant. After you remove the small branches, your cannabis plant will be able to concentrate its energy into its main branches. This practice is similar to pruning done to other plants.

Lollipopping helps to get rid of unwanted branches on your plant, enabling it to put its energy on growing bigger buds, hence giving you more yields. Removing the sluggish lower stalks from your plant will enhance better air circulation for your young plants.

Low-stress training

Low-stress training involves bending the branches slowly so that they can grow facing a particular direction. This method enables you to bend the plant’s stem into a specific shape to fit in the available space and face the right direction. Low-stress training will help you get high yields from your plants while making the best out of the available space.

Super cropping

One of the toughest challenges of growing your marijuana plants indoors is managing the height. Sometimes you might come across some strains that want to become a tree. In that case, you need to look for some methods to prevent the plant from burning from the grow light.

If your plant is getting close to the light, you can super crop your plant. This method involves bending the plant one to get it in a new position. Start by choosing where you are going to turn your plant and in which place. 

Bend your plant at a 90-degrees angle to provide extra space for other buds to grow. This technique is an excellent way to increase your yields if the marijuana strain can sustain stress. Super cropping helps to grow cannabis plants that are bushier with more buds.


Flushing is a technique where you pour water through the plants’ soil to remove all the nutrients from the ground. You can apply this technique if your plant is in distress and requires fresh nutrients to the plant. If you have a hydroponic system, drain the water reservoir and refill it with new and plain water.

Flushing forces plants to use nutrients stored in them. If the nutrients are excess or unused, they can change the taste and expected yields. This method helps bring out desired characteristics in cannabis plants.

Monster cropping

Monster cropping is when you take clones of a plant during the flowering process, replant it, and then return it to the vegetative stage. This technique helps you save on seeds and have continuous harvests. However, it will help if you give the plant extra lights in the flowering stage.

Bottom line

Increasing your marijuana yields as a beginner might be a challenge. But as you continue to gain more experience in growing marijuana, you will achieve high outcomes. Techniques like pruning, topping, flushing, and low-stress training can help your marijuana plants to produce more buds for excellent yields.