Prevent the FDA from regulating or banning the sale and use of electronic cigarettes, accessories and associated liquids

The FDA has repeatedly stated its intent to propose a “deeming” regulation to apply Chapter IX of the FSPTCA to e-cigarettes. But Sections 905 and 910 would ban all e-cigarettes, and other provisions of Chapter IX would also decimate the e-cigarette industry, protect cigarette markets and otherwise threaten public health. The FDA should NOT propose or approve any regulation that would deny cigarette smokers legal or affordable access to less hazardous smokefree alternatives. ~ Bill Godshall

E-cigarettes and associated accessories and liquids are less hazardous than cigarettes and can reduce the risks of smoking. With the use of these devices millions have successfully reduced the use of cigarettes. Don’t let the FDA deny us access to these alternatives to smoking.

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  1. Why in the world would you want people to start smoking cancer stix again?
    Fucking regulations, and government bullshit, we need to fire all these draconian assholes who represent us in congress.

    You all suck…thanks!

  2. Ok i work at a vapor shop and we are a juice company all of our liquids have three ingredients or two minimum. Our liquid nic is FDA approved, our PG/VG is as well. Now i could see regulating companies to only be able to sell safe nicotine levels not like a crazy 64mg nic. And i believe that minors shouldn’t be able to use or purchase this product because prior smokers know that they wouldn’t wish a cig on a child to use because it forms a habit, and vaping shouldn’t be used as a gateway habit. Now i do not fully agree with the bill because yes it seems to push out small business and go towards big tobacco companies. Vaping is a very safe alternative even said so by a respiratory therapist and cardiovascular surgeon in my local town. What wont help the vaping community is the profanity will only make the FDA lose any interest in petitions or practical views. The FDA needs to be approached with medical facts and personal testimonies on how electronic vaporizers have changed lives for the better. Safety is another issue which can be resolved with child resistant bottles and safety features that prevent child use.
    Example1. Smoke from cigarettes create more than 4,000 chemicals. They contain at least 50 carcinogens with several of them being poisonous. E-juice for vaping devices can have as low as 2 ingredients, and the number of chemicals created from vaping e-juice wouldn’t even reach 0.05% from that of a traditional cigarette. This makes cigarettes obsolete and it isn’t the question of “Should electronic vaporizers be banned?” Yet instead the question should be; “Since Vaping devices have been established in the United States and provide a far more superior alternative to a cigarette, and is far less harmful than a cigarette; then why aren’t Cigarettes being banned instead?”
    The Answer to this is that; vaping devices have yet had a tax on the nicotine or devices themselves on top of the standard state tax, and until so the government officials that are filling their pockets on a tobacco industries dime with tax money will continue to do so and be against vaping because it threatens their wallets.
    Our government has released so many TRUTH adds and spent so much money to make the government look like they are against smoking but when a safe alternative comes down the red carpet the officials turn it away. Its All about the money and always will be. We will have to sacrifice and find a median or we will lose our vaping privileges, and honestly i don’t mind paying extra for my vaping if it allows the freedom if I have to use my vaporizer so i don’t go back to cigarettes. Health costs people these days and a better health is vaping instead of smoking, so when it is put like that how much would you be willing to pay for your better health and what would you be willing to sacrifice?

    • Jamie, I couldn’t have said it better myself – and I totally agree. It’s obvious that it’s about money. The FDA wants these companies to submit timely and costly applications for every single product because it puts money in their pocket. I agree with an age limit, I agree with certain standards, and I even agree with taxing the products, but I do not agree with limiting or making restrictions on them. It’s like I’ve told many here and most of my friends locally… a vendor can charge $20 for a 10ml of e-liquid and I’ll pay that premium price if I enjoy that flavor. For me, it isn’t about the cost of something, it’s about making sure I’m satisfied. The same applies… if it’s to tax electronic cigarettes and e-liquid, go ahead, just do not limit my options of what I can use to satisfy myself. Thanks for your input, Jamie.