The Tesla just happens to have a menu system and offers variable voltage and variable wattage like many of the newer APV’s (Advanced Personal Vaporizers) you’ve seen hit the market lately, so what makes it so different from the rest? – It could be because of its bold focus on safety with the variety of venting holes, the eGo style connector with an addition of a floating center post, or maybe because of its overall unique and stunning design. Whatever you may think, this is no ordinary device to say the least.

The Tesla is a Variable wattage/voltage 18650 APV designed by iVape to be the most functional, efficient, durable, and budget friendly mod on the market.
This mammoth of a device can operate in either Adjustable voltage (3.0-6.0V) or Adjustable wattage (3.0-15W) at the push of a button.

Our goal was to incorporate the best of all e-cigarettes on the market, or at least what we could perceive as a positive – and stuff them into one design, at a better price.

– Tesla Description


The Tesla is a beauty in design with its vertical cut outs and ribbed body. From its curves to the flush mounted screen, the Tesla is a work of art when it comes to devices.

At the top of the Tesla sits an eGo threaded 510 connection with an addition of a floating or spring-loaded center post. The connector is inset into the device giving you a nice sized drip well and a beautiful and well fit look when paired with a CE5 type tank. As that top portion of the Tesla is slanted, the device starts to take shape in one of its many features in design. Three beveled cut outs surround the top to add to the Tesla’s good looks.

Below the top portion is two small buttons, one with a plus sign and one with a minus on the front. Directly on the opposite side is the fire/power button. The button is round and has two round cut outs in the center of it to add to the looks. It’s very clicky, easy to press and sits just above the surface of the body. On the front and below the plus and minus buttons is a OLED screen that’s flush with the body. I’ve seen other devices that has had a screen flush to the body, but this one is perfectly fitted. A nicely done job incorporating the screen.

The Tesla is ribbed with slotted and curved cut outs following the bottom half of the body and three flat straight cut outs running the full length of the device. On each flat straight is another cut out for safe venting and battery viewing pleasure. Below the ribbed body and on the bottom cap has even been designed for yet again safe venting using 5 slotted holes that have been inset with a small cut out around the device. The bottom cap unscrews for easily changing your 18650 battery.

Though its design is nearly flawless, I’m concerned about the placement of the screen. When toggling through the menu or changing wattage or voltage, your thumb (which is what you will most likely be using) will cover the screen making it difficult to see. I’m honestly not sure why the screen would be placed under the buttons, but I guess it’s a reminder that even with the stunning design, nothing is completely perfect. As a notation, this is the only design flaw I can see with the Tesla. The machining is perfect and everything else is placed very well throughout the device.

The Tesla’s appearance is outstanding and it’s obvious the looks were important when designing this device. Running the full length of the Tesla are many different curves, indentions, edges and cut outs. They didn’t hold back at all into making every part of this body an amazing sight to look at. From the futuristic looking venting system on the bottom cap to the three perfectly placed curves on the top, the Tesla is a masterpiece in the world of modified electronic cigarettes.

– You can purchase the Tesla in Chrome or Black Chrome.


The Tesla is quite powerful and vapes well, though I wished the airflow wasn’t as tight as it is. To achieve efficient airflow on the Tesla, I have to leave my Boge cartomizer a bit loose only because I’ve become used to other devices with a real loose airflow. After a few days, I’m sure I’ll get used to it and I won’t even notice it. Other than that, the Tesla delivers an amazing amount of power to sustain any vapers needs – pushing out up to 15 Watts or 6 Volts of power.

Turning The Tesla ON/OFF: With 5 clicks to the fire/power button, the screen will display “TESLA” – then following is a bit of scrolling right to left text “System: ON”. When turning the device off, 5 clicks and you’ll get the big Tesla text and followed by “System: OFF”.

Checking The Atomizer (Cartomizer) Ohm: To check the Ohm rating or resistance of your atomizer (or cartomizer), press and hold down the plus button for 3 seconds. Once it shows on the screen, it will stay lit for 5 seconds.

Checking The Current Battery Power: To check the battery power remaining, press and hold the minus button for 3 seconds. Once it shows on the screen, it will stay lit for 5 seconds. Fully charged it should read 4.2 V and just before the Tesla warns you of “Low V”, it should read 3.5 V.

Entering The Tesla Menu: Press and hold the plus button for 8 seconds.

Toggling Through The Menu: To toggle through the Tesla’s menu system, press the plus button through the three options.

  1. Power Voltage: When “Power Voltage” is displayed on the screen, pressing the minus button will change it to “Voltage”, pressing the minus button once more will change it to “Power” (aka wattage).
  2. LCD Display: This option will give you the ability to choose what displays on your screen when you press the fire/power button. To choose from “Voltage”, “Resistance” and “Battery”. To navigate through the three choices, press the minus button.
  3. LCD ON/OFF: This option allows you to choose if you want anything to display when pressing the fire/power button or display nothing at all.

The menu system for the Tesla is very simplistic and with the nice OLED screen, everything is clear and very easy to read.


  • PWM Chip Tuned To RMS Settings
  • Adjustable Voltage or Power
  • Atomizer Check Function
  • Battery Voltage Check Function
  • Reverse Battery Installation Protection
  • Fully Vented Body and Bottom Cap
  • Thick Aluminum Alloy Light Weight Build
  • OLED Screen
  • Ego Well Connection
  • Slotted 510 Connection With Floating Center Pin

I like how the Tesla gives you the option to change from Voltage to Power (aka wattage). With the storm of new APV’s that have hit the market lately, this option has become almost a standard for the more advanced devices. The check features are great for having a bit more information of your Tesla – this leaves little question and makes vaping that much easier. The venting on the body and bottom cap are not only amazing to the beauty of the Tesla, but it’s a nice safety feature as well. Seeing your actual battery in your device is pretty cool – it’s like your viewing the internal workings of your vaporizer. Think of it as how a computer junkie buys the clear tower cases. What’s missing? – a bright blue LED shining out! Chill, I’m only joking…

The Tesla is very light. With as much metal as it has, you would think it’s pretty heavy, but surprisingly it can easily be compared to your most common devices and match. The aluminum alloy was a must for this design. The OLED screen is nice and well lit, not very big – but not too small either. It sits well on the Tesla. The eGo well connection is a great feature on the Tesla. It not only acts great as a huge drip well, but it also looks great when using a CE5 type tank. Unfortunately, if you’re using a tank like a T3, it won’t fit. The floating center pin (or post) is awesome, it takes out any hassle of ever worrying about having to pull a post up for a solid connection.


The Tesla is pretty big and thick. With its soft type metal, I’m sure it could take a scuff quite easily – though with how thick it is, I doubt you could damage the device from your average accidental drop. The buttons are also made of metal and seem pretty stout in its place. The bottom cap is super thick and is a pretty good volume in size compared to a lot of other caps on devices.

Ease of Use

Easy to use – The menu system is a breeze to get to and navigating through it is just as easy. Checking your Ohm’s of your atomizer and battery level is easy also, only a 3 second wait. Holding the Tesla has a nice feel – its ribbed body not only feels great, but it sits very comfortably in the hand. The threads on the bottom cap of the Tesla is almost like butter. It has a nice and quality feel to it, so screwing on or off the cap is extremely smooth. In addition to the bottom cap, it having a little bit of weight to it really adds to the comfortable feel when screwing and unscrewing the cap.


With receiving all that you get with the Tesla, you’re getting a handful packed into a single device. Not only does the big focus on great looks add to its value, but the features should put it valued at a lot more than its asking price. For $79.95, you’re getting the Tesla Variable Voltage/Variable Wattage device itself.


The Tesla is an awesome device to look at. The design is spectacular and every bit of the detail in it really paid off on setting this APV apart from the rest. The check functions are easy to be used and the menu system is very simplistic, which grants you the quick and easy navigation. The OLED screen looks fantastic with its well lit display and it also sits perfectly flush with the device. My only concerns with the device is the screen placement on the Tesla. Though I think the screen should of course been above your plus and minus button, it still doesn’t take away from the Tesla’s dominating 15 watt power output. The Tesla looks sleek, has a futuristic style when it comes to APV designs, produces more than enough power and it’s simplicity makes well for ease of use. If you’re looking for one bad ass looking APV, I recommend trying the iVape Tesla.

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  1. Love this vape! i suggest the power button on same size as screen and screen adjustment buttons should be on bottom of screen not top. Not major problem just suggestion. Impressive looking unit

    very cool unit..Buy it!