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Vendor Giveaways

Juicy Vapor Giveaway – Giveaway Is Over

Juicy Vapor has definitely made a huge mark in the e-liquid market and they’re known for popular flavors like the famous Ecto Plasma and Tiger’s Blood just to name a couple. I’m very pleased to tell you that Juicy Vapor has donated ¬†an awesome package of e-liquid for two lucky...

Vape Juice Reviews

Vape-The-Rainbow E-Liquid Review

Out of all the experience I have officially reviewing e-liquid for those vendors that are just starting up even to the ones that have been established for years, I have never been so surprised in comparison to what a juice is supposed to taste like by the label, to how close it actually is. Most of...

Vape Juice Reviews

Laughing Buddha – PBDragon

In the package of samples I received from PBDragon.com a little while back, I’ve tried all the flavors but haven’t really given them much time in an atty/carto. For the past two days I’ve been vaping on Laughing Buddha, another flavor I received in the PBDragon.com sample pack of...

Beginner Intermediate

DIY: Simple Two Flavor Juice

As promised last time, I told you that I was going to walk you through a simple two flavor juice. First you will need to round-up your ingredients for this recipe. I will be using Essentials Depots propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. As far as flavors go, I will be using The Perfumers...

Vape Juice Reviews

Rip Tide – PinkSpotVapors

While attending the Atlanta Vape Meet, my wife and I scoured around the juice bar filled with many different flavors from various vendors. While picking through Pink Spots box of zip-lock package e-liquids, we come across a bottled labeled “Rip Tide”. The bottle of course had nice...

Beginner Intermediate

DIY For Beginners

Hands down the best investment I have ever made in my vaping experience over any mod, was my DIY Kit. It was also the one investment that caused me the most trepidation and cost me the most money to complete, but now I can say it was the best money spent out of my vaping budget, because of its low...

Vape Juice Reviews

Vanilla Cream – Clouds of Vapor

While at the Atlanta Vape Meet, I seen a stack full of “COV” e-liquids, all in its own zip-lock bags with the label displaying the e-liquid name. My wife and I wanted to experience something new and something we wouldn’t usually order. We’re vapers who love fruity, candy and...

Product Reviews Vape Tank Reviews

Colored Tank – AltSmoke

With now having 3 tanks, which I must add all are SmokTech styles, I decided to purchase another. You might ask why I’m purchasing the same styled tank… Well, my answer is – they work. Mind you, I haven’t used any other type of tank besides these that come with the flanged...



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