There are many things you have to learn about vaping, and granted, most vape shops will share some tips and tricks to help you along the way – or your curiosity and interest leads you here.  However, there are more than a handful of bits of information that they didn’t share.  Today, we’ll list what they didn’t tell you about vaping, and just hopefully it helps you throughout your journey.

Excessive Toilet Paper Use

excessive toilet paper useThe first thing that may have slipped the minds of those who sold you your first electronic cigarette is that you’ll be using a lot of toilet paper, and I do mean a lot!  You won’t be using it this time to wipe the ol’ tushy, but you’ll definitely become more familiar with it to wipe e-liquid from your vape gear.  Though today we’re not troubled as much with leaky tanks, it wasn’t too long ago that the vape market was still new, which delivered poor designs in atomizers that were notorious for e-liquid leaking and making its way all over your vape gear.  Trust me, it was a mess, it was aggravating and I promise you each day I thank the vape manufacturers research and design department!

Additionally, you may end up finding yourself using a lot of products to clean your vape gear, such as toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, and q-tips, among others, and e-liquid is typically the main cause of it.

E-Liquid on The Hands

hand_washingSomething else that they didn’t tell you would be that you’ll get used to that familiar feeling on your hands from e-liquid.  Often times we’ll have accidents while filling our tanks or your tank goes coo-coo and sprouts a leak, and suddenly your hands are filled with e-liquid that leaves a slick turned soft feeling on your hands.  Don’t be alarmed, simply cleaning your hands or wiping them off with a paper towel will have you fixed right up.  Just to reassure you, the feel mostly comes from the Vegetable Glycerin that is used as an ingredient in e-liquid.  Vegetable Glycerin is in many of the products we use daily, and you may be able to guess what those products are from the familiarity – to save you some time, I’ll list a few: toothpastes, shampoos, soaps, lotions and other household products.

Many More Purchases Ahead

online purchasingOne of the most important bits of information that they didn’t share with you, and probably because they were scared it would turn you away from vaping, is that after your first purchase of an electronic cigarette, you’ll go on to purchasing enough devices to start your own collection.  Since the vaping market is a lot like the mobile phone market, manufacturers are constantly releasing new products that have been improved with new technology and new designs that will leave you eager to purchase.  I probably shouldn’t mention this, but for the sake of the topic, I must tell you that you’ll also buy more vape gear for increased performance.  If you’re just starting out or even if you’ve been vaping for a little while now, you’ll soon learn that the performance of an atomizer, clearomizer and device is what a lot of vaping is about.  For an example, do you remember those old Nokia phones that everyone loved back in the day?  Well, we eventually upgraded and made our way to technology packed smartphones that simply make our life easier and deliver more satisfactory results.

Man, have we come far or what?!

Don’t let this bit of information steer you away from vaping… you honestly don’t have to purchase anything else other than your e-liquid and replacement coils, but trust me, you’ll want to and you’ll be glad you did.  Keep checking back here on Guide To Vaping as I periodically update you all with my latest favorites as the vape market progresses.

Dropping The Nicotine Level

nicotine plasma level studyAlthough you didn’t intend to ever quit using nicotine or step down in dosage with electronic cigarettes, you’ll more than likely drop your nicotine level as you move onto more advanced vaping products.  The reason for this is that when using a better performing and advanced setup, it’ll deliver more nicotine than what you’re used to.  In fact, a study was published back in 2013 showing that “new-generation” devices deliver more nicotine than cig-a-likes.  Don’t get the idea that you’re overdosing on nicotine though, because the study also showed that you’re still receiving less nicotine than a tobacco cigarette puff-for-puff.

Interesting, right?


To sum this all up, as you see there’s plenty of information that they didn’t tell you about vaping, and even if they crammed your head enough to overload, there’s still things you’ll continue to learn on your own just like the rest of us have.  However, I hope this list of info can help you in some way, and if it doesn’t, I hope you would pass it on to the next vaper just as I’ve done for you.

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    • I have COPD and have had positive results with vape…I couldn’t walk through my house two months ago and now I walk everywhere!! I dad also has COPD (much worse than mine) and is seeing positive imporvment in just a few days after quitting ciggs and changing to vape

  1. My husband has COPD and has been vaping for 2 years, giving up a two pack a day habit. His breathing has improved dramatically and his levels of bronchial infections are a fourth of what they were while smoking.