I just received the VariBox VV PV. I’ve been wanting to try this device since I heard of it, simply because it is a low cost VV (changeable) PV.  For $29.95, you can have 3.7, 5 or 6 volts of vapey bliss. The price is right -Bob.


Battery: (not included)
2 x 18350’s

3.7, 5v or 6v.

.85 g


Out Of the Box

The VariBox didn’t come with any instructions. I’m smart- so I jumped right in. Turns out that it was supposed to take 18350’s, but the CR123’s (3v) I shoved in worked and fit just fine.  I’m not a battery expert, so I’d suggest to go with the 18350’s that are the recommended battery. I’m guessing it’s just a difference in MaH and battery size. (?)

The first surprise I got was the weight. At .85 grams, this thing weighs less than a 5-pack of cartomizers. The build is comparable to a plastic project box, although the shape provides a better form factor than any project box out there. Putting some batteries in it gave it a much better feel of course.


voltage indicator lights

Having no instructions wasn’t much of a hinder. After looking to see where I might change the voltage it became obvious that there wasn’t a dial or a switch per se- you simply click the button 5 times to change between voltages. There are three LED’s on the back of the VariBox to indicate your settings. (Blue, yellow and red.) The activation button lights up with a blue ring.

How does it vape? Turn it up to 11 and enjoy. (11 being 6v.) There isn’t a whole lot to say, besides that it does what it says. Pick a voltage, add (proper ohm) carto or atty and vape.

[stextbox id=”alert”]NOTE: The top view presents a recessed 510 connector. If you are wanting to use the VariBox with a carto tank, you would need an extender. DO NOT mistake this recessed area as a drip cup or drip well -juice does not go here.[/stextbox]


Top view of the VariBox


As mentioned, $29.95 won’t break the bank. For that price you have the ability to explore a couple different popular vaping voltages or “sweet spots”. The miser in me would like to see it knocked down to around $24.95, but that’s just me being cheap. You can likely knock off a few dollars by using a coupon code.

The VariBox IS mass produced in China, so don’t expect anything more and you’ll be fine. I haven’t put this through the wringer, but imagine it as a suitable backup device or a well priced PV to allow you to try vaping at higher voltages.



Where to purchase:  iVape.net

Vendor Rating: I Wish they were all like Joe. Top notch customer service and all around great guy.

VariBox VV PV

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  1. I wanted to provide information on the specs as what is posted is incorrect and misleading. Mainly the battery size. It is 2 18350’s not 18650’s which would have been nicer…

    This changeable voltage box mod is designed to offer an affordable option into higher voltage experiences.

    The box is switchable between 3.7, 5, and 6V by simply clicking the button 5 times within two seconds (clicking the button 5 times after the 6V setting will turn the box off for storage)

    It runs on two 18350 batteries for a long life even at the demand of 6V – and ITS CHEAP AS HECK!!!

    Some notes on the mod: You need to be careful not to flood the unit, liquid pooling inside can leak and damage it. Also, it’s not made of metal, but plastic.
    These may require a bit of care and caution, although they aren’t the sturdiest – they are modestly price to offer an extremely high value!

    Please ask any questions before buying.

    Includes the Varibox only – batteries and charger sold seperately.

    Warranty: 14 days for manufacturers defect.

  2. I’m sort of dissapointed in this review, man. The one solid thing I would like to know is batterylife at 3.7 verses 5v and 6v. I want to know what kind of regulator this thing is using and whether or not its just dumping out the rest of the volts via heat like the shitty madvapes VV boxes do. The batterylife would tell us. If you could use it at 3.7v for a day and just let me know what it comes out to as apposed to 5v or 6v.

    • I understand -It was a bit of a quick review. I didn’t delve too deep on this $30 changeable voltage mod. I think you can look at the price and be able to put this device into the correct category- no? If you are expecting it to perform like a Darwin or Provari- Don’t. It’s a chinese made project box with a regulator. I certainly can’t tell you what regulator is in it by using it more. Take the review for what it’s worth I guess. …Happy Vaping!