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DIY: Simple Two Flavor Juice

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As promised last time, I told you that I was going to walk you through a simple two flavor juice. First you will need to round-up your ingredients for this recipe. I will be using Essentials Depots propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. As far as flavors go, I will be using The Perfumers Apprentice Green Apple and LorAnne Strawberry. Is your mouth-watering yet? – It should be because we are going to be making strawberry green apple in this installment of DIY with LEDshine.

Okay, here is the way I’m going to do this. I will give you two lists, a lab ware list and an ingredient list.

Wet Ingredients:

  • LorAnne Strawberry
  • The Perfumers Apprentice Green Apple
  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
  • 100mg Nicotine Base


Lab Ware:

  • Lab Ware Measuring Cup
  • 10ml Dropper Bottle (with nipple and cap)
  • Syringes (with needle)
  • Paper Towels

And last, you will need a juice calculator. For this I will be using E-liquid Recipe Manager free version for droid.

(This will also be a slight tutorial on that app.)

First, I open the app. – I enter my nicotine base strength, which is 100mg.

Then, my target nicotine strength. (Personally I vape at 18mg so that’s what we will use.)


Next, we add the amount of juice we are going to make, which is 10ml.

Now we put in our percentages for flavors. The first flavor will be the Green Apple. Since it is a Perfumers Apprentice flavor, it tends to run a little on the strong side, so we are going to set it at 15%.

For the second flavor, which is the strawberry from LorAnne, we are going to set it at 20%.

You don’t have to add any more numbers, but we do have to set our PG/VG ratio, so scroll all the way to the bottom and set it to 50/50. I say that because in this calculator at this small batch level, I had to play with it to get 30 percent total volume VG and that’s just how it worked out.

So, Here are the numbers that the calculator generated.

100mg Nic base 36 drops 1.8ml 18.0%
PG 32 drops 1.6ml 16.0%
VG 62 drops 3.1ml 31.0%
Green Apple 30 drops 1.5ml 15.0%
Strawberry 40 drops 2.0ml 20.0%

Okay, so right now some of you are saying “But Shine why don’t I just drip drops?” and still others are saying “Ray, your drop count is off for the measurements that you are trying to achieve.” – And I will tell you both that is why I use syringes. At least if I am wrong and over Nic it won’t be because of my Drip Math and shaky hands. So for future reference and from here forth, all measurements will be in ml and percentages. It also aids in the conversion into larger batches if you like the juice.

First, lay out paper towels over your work area and have the roll on standby for any unfortunate spills.

Next, if you have only one syringe, load up and add to the 10ml bottle rinsing out the syringe after each ingredient in this order: Strawberry, Green Apple, PG, and VG.

Okay, so it really didn’t matter what order you did it in, but I like to be specific. The really important part was that you didn’t add your Nic yet. Now take your measuring cup, fill it 3/4 full and nuke it in the microwave until boiling. Now carefully remove it from the microwave and place it where it won’t be disturbed. Now go ahead and place the nipple and cap on your juice and put it in the hot water, in the measuring cup for 10 min. Doing this changes the thickness of the VG and makes it mix better with the other ingredients and cuts down steeping time significantly.

Times up! – Now take the measuring cup to the sink and pour off the water, retrieve your bottle and let cool for another 10 minutes. It has cooled off now and is ready for the Nic that I know you have not added yet…right? – The reason I say that is, because excessive heat causes nicotine to rise to the top of your juice and unbind. Now go ahead and put on the latex gloves that I told you to get from the last article if you have not all ready done so and add your Nic. Recap the bottle and shake. Put it on the shelf for 10 min, shake it again and shelf it. Repeat this, shelf and shake for about an hour to ensure everything is mixed and then enjoy your new creation. If you need to add more of a flavor, do so. That’s completely up to you. Remember, taste is subjective and you are the one who has to vape it.

Next time on DIY with LEDshine, I will cover methods of using menthol, and different types and mints in general. Until then, light LED’s not cigarettes.

Ray Burge
“Hell I’m no expert!, I’m just a Vaper like You!”

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  1. Ok, so it took me a day . . . or two to read it, but I READ it! =P I really like the way you laid out each step and I the way you wait until the end to add the nic. I know it’s because you are warming the rest of the juice to blend better, but it can also be used to test those juice experiments (you know the kind that you are really unsure about) because you don’t waist the nic.

  2. Thanks for the info! I really like the heating tip! I just started DIYing and its defiantly a learned trial and error skill! My first batch tasted like burnt plastic:) But Im getting better.
    My M1A1 tank is now a cool milky shade because I didn’t know not to use loran wintergreen. O well it looks good that way:)
    Thank you very much for taking the time to share you knowledge with us.
    RTS Vapes has some great prices on lab Ware graduated cylinders beakers and such. Also Scientific Equipment of Houston.

  3. so 1ml of 100ml of nic 15ml of pg and 15ml of vg d0 i get 6mg of nic thaNKS

  4. For pre mixed pg vg liquid just add flavoring , shake and shelf????

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