As recreational marijuana use becomes more widespread across the United States due to medicinal usage, growers everywhere are trying to figure out how to grow weed efficiently. Several techniques are used to grow cannabis, but some methods require specialized knowledge or require specific steps to ensure plant safety. But what do you need to get started?

1. Seeds

The first thing you will need to buy is the seeds. This is an essential part as, without them, there will be no plant! Starting with the right genetics is the first step toward growing great marijuana. Research cannabis strains and find one which fits your space, budget, and skill set before buying. Cannabis plants can vary greatly, and you will need to choose a variety that suits your taste and ability.

Some seeds are better suited to novice growers, and the top three beginner stains include:

  1. Royal Cookies: This is a hybrid strain quite challenging to locate, though it’s worth your time. The effects of Royal Cookies tend to be long-lasting and slow to appear. They grow fast, taking around 8/9 weeks to fully mature.
  2. White Widow Automatic: White Widow Automatic is a reasonably potent strain, and it gets its distinctive flavor from its CBD content, which is about 10-15%. It has a hardy nature, making it great for beginners.
  3. Shining Silver Haze: Shining silver haze is a curious but little-known type of marijuana. It’s a hybrid strain, meaning it’s a cross between two other strains. The primary strain is a Sativa/Indica hybrid, which means it’s a strain with a balance of Sativa and Indica.


2. Lights

You must use grow lights to grow cannabis indoors for the many growers who can’t cultivate cannabis outdoors in sunny weather. Grow lights replace the sun and provide your plants and their buds with the energy they need to grow. A lot of bright light helps your cannabis plants grow, so if you don’t give them a lot of it, they won’t produce many buds. If you remember your biology class, you should understand how photosynthesis works

3. Grow Tent

One of the critical pieces of equipment used in a cannabis grow room is a grow tent. You can grow weed indoors using grow tents without making any extensive changes to your property. Also, growing tents simplify the process because they are quick to set up and allow lighting equipment and fans to be hung for ventilation. Things to consider in a grow tent include:

  • Size: Depending on the size you have dedicated to growing your plants, you will need a large or small tent.
  • Materials: The material must be robust and heat resistant. You should also check if the zip is durable enough to handle multiple actions.
  • Features: This is optional, but it makes life far more manageable if it has a viewing window and places to hang things.

cannabis buds

4. Soil

The key is to look for one that contains a good balance of nutrients. That includes both potting soil and compost. The latter is excellent for making your whole garden healthier, and it’s a great way to add nutrients to your soil. And when you choose which type of potting soil to use, keep in mind that the delicate texture of a potting mix will also affect how the plant gives off the nutrients. This means that if your soil is a fine texture, you may need to feed your weed more often. Likewise, if the soil is a coarse texture, your plant may be better off getting nutrients from its natural environment.

5. Fans

The decision to use a fan to ventilate your grow room has several effects on the quality of your produce. A fan will remove the moisture that accumulates in the room due to the heat and humidity. This water ends up being a breeding ground for mold and mildew and can be found under the grow lights. It is crucial to select the proper fan for your growing environment. The wrong fan will not only make growing more complicated, but it will also lead to problems with your cannabis plants.

6. Nutrients

Growing cannabis is a lot like growing other plants, except that the weed can use up an entire room or more with its height. That means it needs the proper nutrients to grow big. Cannabis likes to use nitrogen and potassium in the flowering stage. And in the vegetative stage, they use the same nutrients again in different quantities. However, cannabis’s growth takes off in the flowering stage. When growing your own, it’s crucial to provide the plant with the right amount of nutrients that it needs to live, grow and thrive. 

7. Harvesting

You might think that you only need your hands when harvesting the leaves, but special equipment makes the process go faster. It can also ensure that the leaves are picked without harming the plant, which in some cases can be delicate. A bud trimming machine is a new device that you can use for large and small-scale growers. They are a handy investment that comes in different sizes depending on the quantity you want to harvest. There are also ones that work for both wet and dry leaves. 

Why Grow Your Own?

It’s Fun

More than anything, it is gratifying to grow and harvest your weed. It takes skill and effort to bring the seeds to fruition and gather the end product. You will be proud of your first batch, and once you start, you won’t be able to stop. Furthermore, it can turn into a full-blown hobby whereby you have to choose the proper equipment for the job and learn how to use it all.

You Control Everything

You can control the entire process of growing your cannabis, from seed germination all the way to harvest, drying, curing, and finally, smoking the herb. Crucial elements like which nutrients were used, you’ll know exactly how your plants were grown. Having complete control over your plant’s quality standards, you will maximize its efficiency and quality.

It Is Cheaper

Although you will have a significant initial expense of buying the gear, you will need it, and once you have it all, you won’t need to change it often. Therefore, the more you harvest, the cheaper it becomes until you only pay for the seeds and electricity usage. Furthermore, you can harvest seeds from the new tree and replant them, saving even more.

Growing cannabis is a rewarding experience. You can choose which strain and how you want to grow it. However, to get started, you will need some of the tools and devices mentioned in this post.