What are portable vaporizers, a question that seems to present several answers depending on who you ask. Though the name portable vaporizer may tend to get misconstrued by those that lack the knowledge, we’re here to set things straight. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your idea of what a portable vaporizer is, is wrong, it just means a lot of information referring to products gets scattered and confuses many people. If I’m not explaining it just right, let me break it down so that it’s easier to understand.

A vaporizer, in general, describes several types of just that, vaporizers. However, consumers and manufacturers have created their own names for these different types of vaporizers to differentiate them from one another. Typically, when someone refers to a product as being a vaporizer, it’s often used for herbal vaping. There are four different types of vaporizers that are most common, which are portable vaporizers, pen vaporizers, desktop vaporizers, and e-nail vaporizers. Depending on the type of vaporizer you have, there are also different delivery methods, such as tubing, bags, or direct draw. As you can see, it’s important that these different vaporizers are broken up into their own categories and featuring their own names to avoid as much confusion as possible.


Portable Vaporizers are standard vaping devices that are often used by those who are more mobile. This type of device will allow you to vape in many locations and is especially great for those who travel often. Relevant to its name, portable vaporizers allow the user to carry the device alongside them, being slightly larger than a pen vaporizer. To break it down, in short, a portable vaporizer is simply any vaporizer device that can be used or taken on-the-go. With portable vaporizers convenience is the key part and commonly why people favor them.

While desktop vaporizers may give the best of temperature control, they simply do not give the convenience that of a portable vaporizer. On the other hand, the vaporizer industry has progressed so much so that they’ve perfected the ability to cram the latest technology into these smaller, portable devices. With that said, you can expect the best of both worlds even from a portable vaporizer, like the intense purity of vaporization, and the sought after convenience of a smaller, on-the-go vaporizer.