We switch to electronic cigarettes not only with ourselves in mind, but for our family as well.  It’s our job to make the most responsible decisions for our kids, so the tobacco cigarettes were removed out of the picture, and then came the e-cigs, but what do they think about them? – Do your kids know what an electronic cigarette is or why mommy and daddy use them?

I inform my kids about electronic cigarettes, and why my Wife and I use them. Not because I have to, but because I want to. I don’t want them to make the same mistake as I did with tobacco cigarettes, so I want them to know about the choices I make for them and myself. It’s responsible choices, choices that affect the whole family. I tell them I choose to use electronic cigarettes because I want to better myself compared to tobacco cigarettes.

If you have kids, these ecigs don’t affect just you, it affects them also. When I was a smoker, my kids would have to endure my smoke infested stench  along with the horrible and chemical smell of cigarettes in our house, our clothes and who can forget the multiple ash-trays and lighters laying around. Ever since I started using electronic cigarettes, my kids are no longer exposed to that.

What do your kids think about electronic cigarettes? – Reply with a video or even text!