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The New ProVape Is Bigger and Better!

Veteran vapers are well aware of the impact that the ProVape brand has had on the vaping industry. Unfortunately, its long-run success finally ended. That is until the name recently resurfaced, and it came back bigger and better! Anyone with the right amount of money, of course, could acquire the legendary ProVape name, but it’s a tough mission to restore it back to or surpass its former glory. Fortunately, we veteran vapers can now revisit the brand that we became familiar with throughout our years of vaping, and those that are fairly new to the industry will get experience why ProVape was and still remains the best in the game.

We encourage you to take a few moments of your time to read why the new ProVape is bigger and better than ever before. We’ll tell you about its increased product offerings, the many incentives to shopping with ProVape, and how its site is constantly being updated to keep your attention and deliver the best shopping experience for vapor products.

ProVape’s Product Offering Has Increased

Years ago ProVape was well recognized for its product offering, which consisted primarily of devices that it manufactured under its own brand name. The difference between then and today is that there isn’t a limit to what ProVape offers, spanning from various brands to styles of vaporizers, and everything in between. There’s an extensive category of vape kits, tanks, and the e-liquid category is filled to the brim and seems almost endless. One of the major factors of giving ProVape your business is that no matter what you’re looking for, they’ll typically have it. ProVape’s product offering has increased significantly and you’re sure to find either your next setup or your new all-day-vape!

Incentives From Shopping With ProVape

With an increased product selection and a handful of incentives from shopping with ProVape, it’s a no-brainer why they deserve your business — because they’ve definitely set out to earn it. From constant flash sales to promotional codes to free same day shipping on all orders over $50, they’ve created a shopping experience that makes it hard for someone to shop anywhere else. For example, at the time of writing this article, they’re running an e-liquid flash sale that takes 33% off all e-liquid when you use promo code “GET33”.

ProVape Is Constantly Updated

Another huge advantage to shopping with ProVape is the constant updates to the site. They’re always improving the shopping experience by updating the backend for a smooth, organized, and user-friendly experience. They’ve structured the site to make sure your data is always protected and your privacy is held to high regard. The ProVape website is also updated constantly by consistently adding the latest and greatest vaping products, which spans from devices to tanks to accessories, and premium e-liquid.


When it comes down to it, online shops are a competitive market, and the place you shop online should be doing everything possible to earn your business. ProVape is a brand and online vapor shop that is going the extra mile to earn your business the right way, whether it’s increasing their product selection, providing several incentives, or updating their website on a consistent basis, ProVape offers the full package.






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