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What Is Vaping?

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Ever since smoking has been alive, we’ve referred to tobacco cigarette users as smokers and the term continues to stand. Now that electronic cigarettes have swept the world by storm, many smokers are quickly gaining a new and interesting title; they’re being called vapers.

man vapingVaping is the act of using an electronic cigarette. Other terms include vaporizing, e-smoking, along with a few others. To understand the term the easiest is to refer to tobacco cigarettes. A tobacco cigarette user blows out smoke, therefore, they are ‘smoking’. An electronic cigarette user blows out vapor, therefore, they are vaping.

When referring to a person, some people call e-cigarette users, vapers. Vaping has become very popular in the last few years as electronic cigarettes sway current traditional cigarette users. According to a recent study, in 2012 only 18% of adults that live in the USA consider themselves current smokers. Thankfully, the quit smoking rate has been in a steady decline of 7 years now.

To vape, the user will pull from a mouth piece at the top of an electronic cigarette. As the user sucks in, the e-cigarette battery is activated (some e-cigs use a button to manually activate the battery). Once the battery has been activated, the battery sends power to the an atomizer located on top of the battery. The atomizer then heats up the e-liquid solution and turns it into a vapor. Located on the bottom of the atomizer is small air holes. When the user pulls through the mouth piece, air travels through those small air holes. This is what draws the vapor into the users mouth.

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Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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