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Is Vaping Safe: Looking At The Facts

Electronic cigarette use, or vaping, has been around for a decade.  In that time, despite what some organizations would have you believe, there hasn’t been a confirmed case any where on this planet of anyone dying due to correct e-cigarette use.  While governments around the world are doing...

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What Does Vapor Feel Like?

You may have heard from the media that vaping is the same thing as smoking. However, it’s very much different. In fact, everything from the taste, the cleaner feeling quality of vapor, the feel of thickness, to the larger exhaled volume; vapor is far superior than harmful tobacco smoke in...

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What Is Vaping?

Ever since smoking has been alive, we’ve referred to tobacco cigarette users as smokers and the term continues to stand. Now that electronic cigarettes have swept the world by storm, many smokers are quickly gaining a new and interesting title; they’re being called vapers. Vaping is the...

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The Battle For Electronic Cigarettes

From an explanation to a heartfelt story of a former tobacco smoker who made the switch, many enthusiasts and organizations are not only pleading for electronic cigarettes, they’re enduring a battle for them. They’re on the front lines to inform, educate and fight for vapers and these...

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Crimson Vapor Establishes In Alabama

Alabama can now add another vendor to its slow but growing list. Crimson Vapor – a brand new out of the gate vendor has set up an online shop based right here in my home town, Dothan, Alabama. Alabama is one of the slower states to gain popularity in electronic cigarettes, but as time...


The Guide To Electronic Cigarettes 101 – And Then Some

You’ve heard about electronic cigarettes. Chances are you might have tried one in hopes to find a better alternative to smoking. Maybe you are just curious at the thought of a better nicotine delivery system. I’m betting some of you reading this will be looking for answers as to why...

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A List of Reasons

As I finished my first introduction on Facebook to my local friends (most I have not talked face to face with in years) about my passion and what I do on a daily basis (Write on GTV), I started to re-read what I just wrote just like I do here every time I write an article. I came to the part where...

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Time Without The E-Cig

With smoking, we know all to well about the times of counting the hours we could refrain from lighting up another cig. If you were a chain smoker, then even making it an hour-long without taking another puff was an accomplishment. Once we switched to the electronic cigarette, we felt more at ease...




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