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What to Buy Your Father on His Birthday?

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Oh no it’s that time of year again when you have a big decision to make, no it is not Christmas or his anniversary but your father is a year older and it is his birthday, what are you going to buy him? Granted he is not the hardest person to buy for in the household (everybody knows who that is), but a tie is not going to happen this year, the same as every other year. It is time to think a bit differently and buy something special for him, after all, he deserves it.

Does your father have a hobby, is he passionate about cars or motorbikes, what doesn’t he have? It is never easy to buy gifts for anybody, but there is always something that a family member or friend needs or something they will enjoy and make use of. When people say “it’s the thought that counts” this is very much true, but buying something that nobody else has thought of shows you really did put some thought into the present. Here are a few suggestions for a gift for your father that nobody else will have thought of.

Help Him to Kick The Habit, Introduce Your Father to Vaping

It is well known that smoking cigarettes are harmful to the person lighting the cigarette and the people around them, and it is widely acknowledged that quitting is not easy. If your father (or anybody else you know) picked up the habit and wants to quit then why not introduce him to vaping and e-cigarettes, it can change his life. There are vape shops online and in most towns or cities, that will be more than happy to give your father advice on making the transition from regular cigarettes. Not only will you be helping to improve his health, but also saving him some money in the long run.

A beginner vape kit is not expensive, but it is surely a very considerate gift to buy for your father. There are literally thousands of options when it comes to vaping, the different juices, and the delivery system. The most common in use is a Box Mod and Tank Kit, if you’re not familiar with the terminology don’t worry, you will have seen them many times before and just not realized. With the number of options available it is advisable to do some research, this is where the surprise element is lost, it would be better to look at the options with your father, after all, he’s the one going to be using it. A vape kit as a gift shows just how much you care about him.

Something Nobody Thought Of, A PrePaid Online Casino Card

Most people like to make a few bets now and again, and many enjoy trips to the casino. In fact, over 25% of the population of the world gamble regularly on sites such as casino mit bonus, whether it is with friends, traditional brick and mortar casinos, or online casinos. An unusual gift for your father’s birthday this year could be a prepaid online casino card. Almost all online casinos will accept a prepaid American Express, Visa, or Mastercard and they like them so much that the casino will offer promotions to holders of the card.

They are easy to purchase and put credit on, your father can relax at home playing his favorite online casino game, potentially using his new vape kit. With so many games to play in online casinos, there is something for everybody, poker, slots, roulette, or online craps. The beauty of this gift is it can be the gift that keeps on giving long after his birthday. It is unlikely anybody else will have thought of giving your father a prepaid online casino card. This unique present shows a bit of creativity and thought when choosing what to get him, better than the tie.

Adventurous Gifts to Buy Your Father For His Birthday

Everybody has a list of things they would like to do at some point in their lives, often referred to as a “bucket list”. Your father probably has one, but even if he doesn’t, there are certain things he has always wished he could do and when is a better time than his birthday. Here is a list of potential ideas for a birthday present he will never forget:

  • Ferrari Driving: Most people can’t afford to own a Ferrari, but you can hire one. For as little as $300 your father can race around safe racetracks and feel the thrill of driving a supercar.
  • Helicopter Tours: Being able to fly over some of the most iconic landscapes and cities all over the country is something he will never forget, it is not very expensive and something all the family can do to make the day extra special.
  • Fighter Pilot Simulator: Sure your father has seen Top Gun and now he can experience the next best thing available to anybody not in the Airforce. For as little as $60 he can take control for 45 minutes and feel just how it is to fly an F16.
  • Cooking Classes: Not so much adrenaline as driving a supercar or flying in a helicopter, but you are never too old to learn to cook, and your mother will also thank you for the present.
  • Microbrewery Tour: If your father happens to live in or close to Colorado then a microbrewery tour could be a great gift to give him. With the tour comes plenty of tasting, beer trivia, local history talks, and a free glass to take home.

These are just a few of the more unique gifts you can give your father for his birthday, and something he may have thought of doing for years.


There are so many good ideas that you can come up with, from a prepaid online casino card to enjoy slots or flight simulations. Thinking a bit outside of the box and gifting something unique to your father shows you do care and appreciate all he has done for you. Let somebody else buy him socks or a tie this year, you can get him something he will never forget.

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