Recently, when checking alerts for electronic cigarette news, a some-what repetitious story caught my attention – mainly because the article is a local news station.

The WTVY news article said a few words about electronic cigarettes and mainly relied on quotes of information from the first e-cigarette shop owner here in town. The owner expressed everything well, and overall I was pleased knowing that the local news station directed attention towards e-cigs.

However, just like we’ve experienced time and time again, when the light shines on electronic cigarettes, you’ll have those that oppose them and opinions of those ill-informed… and the majority of times, basing opinions off of little to no knowledge about them.

In the comments, one user said: “It’s great except it doesn’t work. In fact the evidence suggests e-cigs REDUCE quitting:

With me being as passionate as I am about electronic cigarettes, that wouldn’t fly without some of my own input. I do nothing but promote electronic cigarettes and how well they work – I mean, come on now, over 500 posts on electronic cigarettes and many more on other websites, I live for spreading the word about them.

What really takes the cake is when another commenter said: “If Mr. Bullard’s product is a smoking cessation device, it must, by law, be regulated by the FDA. I’ll inform FDA Monday morning.”

With the industry as large as it is, advertising on television, tobacco companies creating their own version of the electronic cigarette and millions of Americans using them, it’s only common sense to know that the FDA is informed of them. Come on now…

When the discussion hits home, it gets to me much easier. Maybe I need to set aside some time to start informing locally as well.

For those of you who have the time, please take a few minutes to comment on the news article with your own story.


  1. My name is Clay. I am 54 years old. I smoked a pack a day for 40 years. I started using an off brand e-cig two years ago, earlier this year I switched to using Blu and cut to a smoking a couple a day. Then I found about vaping and liquids. Within weeks I stopped smoking altogether. I have not smoked for over six months and have to plan to start again. I do not vape for the nicotine but for the taste. I have no plans to stop vaping. I enjoy it. I feel great, I cannot believe after enjoying the taste of liquid vapor that I ever even liked the taste of smoking.