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WIN! VAPTIO Vaping Prizes In 2018’s Biggest Vaping Competitions!

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VAPTIO is proud to present a heroic new range of vaping equipment. Win them all and much more in our two fantastic competitions – the more entries we receive, the better the prizes!

Introducing the BIGGEST thing to happen to vaping in 2018! To celebrate the year of the superhero, top vaping brand VAPTIO are launching a fantastic heroic range of vaping gear. This includes epic mods, tanks and full e-cigarette set-ups. This latest of these state-of-the-art vaping products is the CAPT’N KIT, based on the legendary stars and stripes comicbook champion. This product is released on June 18th 2018. See below for more details. Best of all, we have two heroic competitions for you, including one where you can help design the graphics for an upcoming VAPTIO vape kit. Finally, you too can become part of your own superhero universe! With both these competitions, the prizes get bigger and better the more word gets out!

The VAPTIO e-cig company is the nearest thing the vaping world has to a superhero. The products are stylish, exciting and state-of-the-art, with over a thousand distributors worldwide and millions of customers all over the world. VAPTIO products are sold in countless vape shops, both on the high street and online. As a brand, VAPTIO is growing at breakneck speed, and is all set to surpass SMOK in the near future to become one of the biggest ecig companies on the planet. To celebrate this momentous event VAPTIO are running two huge competitions with hundreds of amazing prizes! VAPTIO have teamed up with ElegoMall, Guidetovaping, and dozens of other major names in vaping to run these contests.


What is it?

The Capt’n needs you! VAPTIO invites super-fans and budding graphic designers to take part in a graphic design contest. Here’s your chance to submit a design to be physically printed onto the e-cig units (both the tank and mod) themselves. The Capt’n Kit isn’t just VAPTIO’s idea, it’s a technological masterpiece designed by tens of thousands of vapers. VAPTIO want to share the experience – because it can get even better with your help. To do this we’re recruiting super-fans to help us design the Capt’n Kit’s appearance!

The number one idea will be judged by voters from all over the world, from comicbook fans and members of the vaping community. And even better, this winning design will have your name on it, making you legendary amongst VAPTIO’s millions of customers and trading partners worldwide.

Just like the Capt’n, you’re in safe hands.

Who can join?

Everyone is welcome to join the graphic design contest, from old hands to beginners. Even if you’ve never picked up a pen before, feel free to give it a go!

What do I need to do?

Simply go to our website and make an account. Each account can upload three designs. Take the shape of the Capt’n tank and mod, and decide what colors and design you want it to include. The theme is completely up to you. You could take inspiration from the world of comic books, or from recent superhero movies – or send us your own hot take on the environment, anime, comics, movies, oil-paintings, people, animals, culture, sports, astrology… anything is possible! We will accept the designs in a range of formats, whether a scanned pencil-on-paper sketch or a drawing done on Photoshop.


  1. Contest begins on 21st June and ends on July 26th at 18:00 PST.
  2. You can increase your number of votes via inviting friends and canvassing members of the fan community.
  3. Each account-holder can submit up to three designs.
  4. You can’t vote for your own design (sorry about that!).
  5. The design that gets the most votes wins the contest. Simple!
  6. The prize value and the number of winning candidates will be increased as more and more users participate.


  1. First Prize starts at $1000. For every new design work submitted, $5 will be added to the prize fund, meaning first prize could be quite a lot if we receive a high number of designs! Maximum value: $10,000.
  2. Second Prize starts at $500. For every new design work submitted, $5 will be added to this prize. Maximum value: 50% of First Prize.
  3. Third Prize is a free sample of every single VAPTIO product released in 2018.
  4. Fourth Prize is a collection of the VAPTIO Hero series vaping kits.
  5. Fifth Prize is a coupon code worth a certain dollar amount.  Every participant will receive one of these. Value starts at $10, with $5 added per vote, to a maximum value of of $50.

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Design skills not your bag? Don’t worry, we have another amazing competition that relies on brainpower rather than artistic skills. In this contest, we’ll test your knowledge about vaping, Marvel Heroes and the VAPTIO brand and company culture.


  1. 10 multi-choice questions will be released to the public each day.
  2. Think carefully then submit your answers on the VAPTIO site.
  3. One correct answer equals one credit.
  4. You only have one chance to submit your answers so make sure you’re certain it’s the correct answer!
  5. Please note: all of our prizes and gifts are freight-free.


It’s simple – the more questions you answer correctly, the better the prize you can win!

  • 9 credits: a $5 coupon
  • 20 credits: a Marvel superhero figurine
  • 30 credits: a VAPTIO baseball cap
  • 50 credits: a $20 coupon
  • 80 credits: a t-shirt
  • 120 credits: a $50 coupon
  • 150 credits: a camera drone
  • 180 credits: the Captain Kit
  • 200 credits: a $100 coupon
  • 230 credits: a pair of Beats Studio headphones
  • 270 credits: two VAPTIO Hero vaping kits
  • 350 credits: a collection of VAPTIO Heroes vaping kits

The coupon code is sponsored by Vaptio and ElegoMall

The Marvel Figurine and Beats Studio headphones are sponsored by ARIKAMI


BE YOUR OWN HERO with this state-of-the-art CAPT’N vaping set-up.

The ‘perfect’ vaping kit is hard to define, but we’re confident that this is the closest thing so far. In an attempt to create the very best product imaginable VAPTIO asked over 100,000 vapers personally what they want from their vaping set-up. It was discovered that they’re looking for sleek futuristic design, a small lightweight body but with heavyweight battery capacity, and, of course, impressively big clouds of vapor.

It took four months for eleven highly-respected designers to realize it. VAPTIO produced seven different samples selected from over 70 blueprints. Not to mention fixing a bunch of minor defects to make this the most advanced vaping kit around. That’s the origin story. And then we made it: the new CAPT’N KIT, from VAPTIO. The slogan for this product is BE YOUR OWN HERO, to reflect the values of every good superhero – freedom and independence.

It comes in multiple different design styles, with models in colors such as black, gold, camouflage – and of course, red, white and blue. Stars and stripes feature prominently, as you’d expect considering the inspiration behind this vape kit. On the front and back of the Capt’n Kit we use IML material to make the product light and durable. This in-mould labelling means the graphics are easily embedded into the surface of the material, so can’t be scratched off or worn away. We’ll be using this technology to print the winning entry from our graphic design competition. IML material is hugely popular with smartphones so we’re delighted to bring this technology to vaping gear.

The tank boasts a number of advanced features, including an easy-to-use top filling system and an efficient bottom airflow mechanism for the best flavor imaginable. It is 24.5mm wide and 51mm tall, and the 4ml capacity means even hardcore vapers will have enough juice for hours. There are two types of coil available, the Capt’n F2 coil and the Capt’n F4 coil. Both are 0.15ohm, while the F2 coil is designed to be used at 30-70w (for best results, use between 45-60w) and the F4 coil can be used at 50-110w (for best results, use at 60-80w).

The Capt’n Mod is an equally futuristic piece of kit. It measures 75mm by 33mm by 42mm and weighs just 99g thanks to the tough but lightweight IML material. The resistance range ranges from the ultra-low 0.1ohm up to 3 ohms, specially for those mouth to lung fans, plus the power output goes from 10w all the way up to 220w. All this means it can handle practically every type of tank on the market today, allowing you to vape at whatever strength you prefer.

But that’s not all – the Cap’tn Kit offers countless improvements to the usual vape set-up, including the fastest turn-on speed to date and an incredibly fast fire speed of just 0.005 seconds. The Capt’n is the smallest and lightest 220W kit available, with a huge OLED screen.

Notable Features of the Capt’n Tank

  • Anti-leak patent technology
  • Huge 4ml e-liquid capacity
  • Advanced top fill system for easy refills
  • Bottom airflow for amazing flavor

Notable Features of the Capt’n Mod

  • Light weight: IML+ Zinc-alloy design
  • The latest in the Vaptio Marvel Hero Series
  • IML: Mobile (Samsung) shell technology
  • A lightning fast 0.005 seconds fire speed
  • A maximum hit of 220W, with six output modes
  • Double 18650 changeable batteries
  • 1.3” high-rate color display with Cool User interface design
  • 5V/2A Quick charge with double charging efficiency


VAPTIO is a US-based vaping and e-cig company. Established in Seattle in 2014, VAPTIO is dedicated to changing the vaping world with constant innovation and better options for users. With a strong management team bringing Fortune 500 background to the business, cutting edge technologies, and creative product design team in the US, VAPTIO devotes its resources to offering users ultra-high quality vape equipment, and to sharing its success with it partner distributors and resellers all around the world. This fast-growing company is soon set to become one of the very top vaping companies in the world.

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