Delivering superior quality, Yogi Farms has been on a steady rise with its vape juice collection. It has become a brand that everyone has had to familiarize themselves with within a very short amount of time due to its quick rise to fame. The unique brand has seen the success it has because it not only creates quality USA made vape juice but also because it delivers a sense of simplicity in each of its flavors while maintaining that deliciousness that everyone expects. As a result, we thought this would be a great opportunity to share our Yogi Farms Vape Juice Preview so that you are more informed on this spectacular brand.

Yogi Farms Vape Juice Collection

Manufactured by Axiocore Corporation, Yogi e-liquid is a premium vape juice company that boasts a collection of 8 simple, yet delicious vape juice flavors. There are four original flavors and four that are blended with just the right amount of menthol for those who enjoy a cooler, more refreshing vape. Crafted by flavor masters and design craftsmen, each 60ML bottle is made to the highest degree in an ISO7-Certified Laboratory and uses only the finest ingredients, such as Heartland 100% VG USP Kosher Nicotine, some of the highest grade nicotine available. Take a look below at all of the flavors available in this outstanding collection.

Yogi Farms Collection

Yogi Farms Green Apple Vape Juice

Delivering the authentic flavor, yet slightly altered with a candied taste, Yogi Farms Green Apple Vape Juice is one you’ll certainly appreciate. Overall, it provides the taste of sour green apples, a mouth-puckering fruit that seems to capture your taste buds with bursts of luscious flavor. If you’re one for green apples, this may very well fit into your daily rotation.

Yogi Farms Green Apple Ice

Enhancing the original flavor, Yogi Farms Green Apple Ice Vape Juice is merely a twin to the flavor that many have come to love, yet improved upon with a menthol blend for those seeking a cooler tasting vape. It results in a smooth, flavor-filled vapor that includes mouth-puckering sour green apples and a candied twist, along with the perfect dash of menthol.

Yogi Farms Pomegranate

If you are a die-hard fan of vapor products and haven’t yet experienced a Pomegranate, or at least a ‘mixed right’ Pomegranate flavor, you’re missing out! Yogi Farms Pomegranate Vape Juice is an outstanding flavor that delivers the authentic taste. Perfectly crafted in every sense, you’ll notice all of the details of a true Pomegranate fruit, including the sweet and tangy flavor.

Yogi Farms Pomegranate Ice

Just when you thought the flavor couldn’t get any better, you discover Yogi Farms Pomegranate Ice Vape Juice, a spin-off the original that delivers the same fruit taste but with an added kick of just the right menthol. It leaves your mouth not only watering from the delicious flavor, but it also leaves your taste buds cleansed, cooled, and refreshed for another round.

Yogi Farms Pineapple

While the Pineapple flavor is no stranger in the market of vape juice, the experience you receive from Yogi Farms Pineapple Vape Juice will be a bit different than anything you’ve tried before. Boasting a tropical blend, this Pineapple flavor really stands out as tastes as if the juices have been extracted from the fruit and mixed directly into your bottle. The taste is absolutely phenomenal.

Yogi Farms Pineapple Ice

Offering up the same phenomenal vaping experience with flavor-filled clouds, Yogi Farms Pineapple Ice Vape Juice is just as impressive, yet a bit more exciting to the taste buds. It delivers the same tropical blend, the Pineapple fruit juices exploited and extracted, yet blended with the perfect amount of menthol so that you feel as if you’re relaxing under the island sun and sipping on ice-cold Pineapple juice.

Yogi Farms White Grape

This flavor is one that you won’t see too often, so it makes the overall experience that much more unique. Blended to perfection, Yogi Farms White Grape Vape Juice is one that will easily become your next all-day-vape. Your mouth will be engulfed by the taste of white grapes from the moment you inhale and it lingers after the exhale. If you’re looking for a solid flavor, this is it.

Yogi Farms White Grape Ice

Enhancing what is already a great flavor experience already, Yogi Farms White Grape Ice Vape Juice is merely a recreation of the unique white grape blend, yet it is bombarded by a splash of menthol to create an overwhelming delicious and very mentholated vape. You’re left satisfied and refreshed with flavor upon flavor.