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5 Reasons Why The Nord Vape Is A Must-Buy

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The Nord Vape is a must-buy for several reasons, and in this article, we will list 5 of them that stick out to us the most. We’re sure that you are all familiar with the SMOK Nord Kit by now. It became one of the industry’s most popular vape pod systems, and the updated version of it, the SMOK Nord 2, gained even more popularity. This device has dominated in its class, which is why we believe it is a must-buy.

SMOK Nord 2 Vape Pod

Why The Nord Vape Is A Must-Buy

From the first iteration of the Nord to the second, the device has been perfectly executed in every facet. The Nord Vape is easy to use, its appearance is flawless, and it performs better than any other device in its same class. Below you will see we have listed out the 5 reasons why we believe that the Nord Vape is a must-buy. Feel free to read over them, and if you have a SMOK Nord, don’t hesitate to share your experiences.

1. Stellar Appearance

The original SMOK Nord looked great, and no doubt, there were no complaints on this end. However, when SMOK released the SMOK Nord 2 with that 0.69″ OLED screen, the device got even better. The shape, smooth edges, curves, and dips all make the Nord so enticing. The various colorways, such as the 7-color oil painting send the Nord’s appearance over the top. It has a stellar appearance throughout, and we’re sure many people couldn’t disagree.

2. Features That Are Simple

Believe it not but we’re in an era of vaping where convenience is a top priority, and overly complex features aren’t what consumers are looking for. The Nord Vape has features that are simple and only include what is needed or what will make the experience with it more convenient and enjoyable. For instance, it has plug-n-play coil installation, magnetic pod connection, pod detection, a side-fill system, and a single button that allows you to control firing and wattage adjustment. The Nord setup process is easy, and that is what vapers want. Is there really a need for anything else?

3. Convenient and Comfortable

As we’ve shared, we are at a time where convenience and comfort is at an all-time high. The days of carrying around large mods are over for many of us, and using a device that simply performs well and satisfies us is all we truly need. The Nord Vape is convenient because of its many features designed to enhance the experience for the user, and it’s very comfortable to use due to an ergonomic mouthpiece and a well-designed chassis.

4. Performs Exceptionally Well

Comparing to many others in its class, the Nord Vape dominates as a result of the Nord and RPM coil series. These coils have low resistance and combined with an open airflow design cause a great overall performance. It also has the capability of reaching up to 40W with the help of its variable wattage adjustment feature. The Nord was designed to exceed all expectations at every angle.

5. Extremely Affordable

The affordability of this device is enough for it to be a must-buy for those looking for a pod system. The original SMOK Nord Vape will cost you a measly $15, and the upgraded SMOK Nord 2 will cost just $27. You could buy the upgrade Nord 2 Kit, a bottle of salt nicotine vape juice, and still, come out below $50. You just can’t beat how extremely affordable this device is.


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