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Vaping Alcohol Is Real and Very Dangerous

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Vaping alcohol is real and very dangerous, judging by the extensive research we’ve conducted on the topic. We have all heard of vaping concentrates, cannabidiol, vitamins, caffeine, and several others. But have you ever heard of someone vaping alcohol? Yes, alcohol!

It is actually a real thing, there are people that are doing it, and there are tons of interest in vaping alcohol, according to search engine queries. So, let’s learn a little more about it.


Is Vaping Alcohol Real?

Yes, it is. It is a real thing, people are actually doing it, and believe it or not but it gained enough interest that a device was made specifically for it. Just like any concept of creating vapor, you heat up the liquid to a point of temperature that begins to vaporize the liquid, be it alcohol, vape juice, or even raw hemp flower. It is all based on the same ideology. If you throw water on hot coals, you’ll see that the water turns into a fine mist, also known as vapor. Vaping alcohol works the same way, essentially, except alcohol delivers a different effect than anything else.

How Do You Vape Alcohol?

As we mentioned previously, vaporizing alcohol works the same way that other materials or compounds are vaporized. However, inventor Julie Palmer created a device that uses a different method of vaporizing the liquid, and it is done with her invention, the Vaportini. The Vaportini is a glass cup that has a lid on top, and a globe above that.

The globe holds the alcohol, and at the bottom of the cup is a small candle flame. Once the alcohol heats up to a certain temperature (takes around 5 minutes), it creates an alcohol vapor. There are other devices of this kind, like the Vapor Sphere, the Vapeshot Vaporized Alcohol System, and more off-the-wall contraptions.

This isn’t some April fools prank either… even though it isn’t April, to begin with. But, whatever! We just want you to know this is a real thing, and if you feel like you are the only one interested in this, you aren’t. In fact, there are tons of YouTube videos about the Vaportini dating back 7 years ago, so it’s definitely a ‘thing’.

Julie Palmer, the inventor of the Vaportini, shared that she was inspired by a trip to Finland, where she saw a Nordic “tradition”, which consisted of pouring Vodka over a set of hot coals in saunas. If it’s an actual tradition or not, that’s beside the point. Either way, she made it, and people are using it, surprisingly.

Alcohol In Vape Juice?

Are you seriously asking this? Oh, I apologize. I pass no judgment, seriously. Believe it not but it’s already a thing. On top of other ingredients, such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine, alcohol is sometimes used as well in vape juice. It is used as a thinning agent for vape juice but in a very small amount and not even close enough to get you drunk, obviously. But sure, it is possible, and if you calculate just the right mixture and of course the right type of atomizer, alcohol in vape juice is a possible way to vape alcohol.

Adding Alcohol To Your Vape Pen or E-Cig

You can add alcohol to your vape pen all you want, but unfortunately, you won’t be doing much but damaging the atomizer or coil. You see, alcohol is flammable, and when it reaches the heated coil, it is likely to ignite. This is why the Vaportini was invented because it is a much safer and successful way of vaping alcohol. Adding your spirits to your vape pen to create some bootleg alcohol vape pen is certainly a cause for disaster. Do your research people and don’t do weird stuff.

What Are The Effects of Vaping Alcohol?

Throwing back a few drinks of alcohol in a regular fashion, it stays in your system for hours. You get a little woozy, some good vibes, and if you drink enough, you’re pure out drunk! However, when you breathe in alcohol, it metabolizes differently. It stays in your system for about 20 minutes, at least when using the Vaportini.

The ultimate goal is to get drunk or to at least mimic the normal effects of drinking alcohol. We could go in-depth about how all of this works and the results but here is a video if you are that interested.

Vaping Alcohol Is Dangerous

The thing is, if you vape too much alcohol, you can get very sick. It should be noted now that vaping alcohol can be very dangerous. The increased absorption of alcohol can harm your brain. Alcohol irritates the stomach when drinking, which causes you to vomit. However, when you vape alcohol, it never passes through the stomach, so no vomiting, which is a plus. But, other effects can be very serious, such as passing out, and slow breathing.

In addition, the heated alcohol vapor can cause lung injury. There are many articles on why vaping it is dangerous, so take it from us, if you don’t know what you are doing, just don’t do it. And if you do, take the time to do the research, and at least use a proven device like the Vaportini.

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