The release of the documentary “A Billion Lives” on US soil is the most anticipated event in the history of vaping.  The documentary, looking at the corruption and lies that are surrounding the life saving industry in an attempt to crush it before it can become unstoppable, has made a whirlwind tour around the globe over the last month, making its world début in New Zealand, has been seen in Europe, and was unofficially seen by policy makers in DC.

The movies first public showing will take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (the movie makers home town) on August 6th at the historic Pabst theater.  The movie makers expect all 1300 seats will be filled and as the tickets will be available both at the box office and the theaters website, and as with any good movie release there will be an after party, graciously presented by sponsor, Molecule Labs.A-Billion-Lives-Announces-U.S.-Premiere-August-6

Even though vapers are in awe, awaiting this artistic piece of truth to hit the screens, in truth it isn’t for them.  The movie was created by a team that has no vapers and is designed to show the non-vaping world the struggle vapers are facing as they attempt to keep their technology, not only in their collective hands, but the hands of the millions of smokers who could benefit from it.

Shining a spotlight on some unlikely alliances, from the tobacco giants to the pharmaceutical companies, from the politicians to the public health organisations around the world, Aaron Beibert and his crew have potentially made some extremely powerful enemies for the future.

Over the next century, over a billion lives will be lost to smoking related disease, and vaping is now seen as the greatest discovery in modern history to stem that loss.  What exactly could motivate groups like the World Health Organisation, the FDA, the CDC, and countless other entities and Governments around the world to attempt to crush it?  For that answer folks, you are going to have to pay the price of admission.A-Billion-Lives-Announces-U.S.-Premiere-location

Further announcements will be available through the films website, and in my honest yet humble opinion  as a vaper, you should probably already be following them on social media and receiving emails from them anyway.  This release could be the single largest turning point in vapers battle against the States and Federal Government, simply because, from a public perception stand point, it has the ability to open the eyes of the world to the corrupt practices taking place on a daily basis that essentially decide who lives and dies.

Most people have no idea what vaping is, other than it is something that people do that looks like smoking, and they truly have no idea that these devices can and do save lives.  We here at GuideToVaping and many other organisations around the industry are hoping that August 6th will go down in history as the day that many people’s eyes were opened.A-Billion-Lives-Announces-U.S.-Premiere-Are-we-ready

Approximately 10,000,000 people in the United States currently use these devices, and to those in control, we may not seem like a significant number.  After this movie is front and center for all the world to see, let’s see those same politicians ignore the clamoring uproar that will be heard.

For their tireless work over the last year, we would like to say thank you to Aaron and his team, and we hope that the next year is even worse for them, as they have to deal with their success.