Today, we’re going to share our complete guide to the SMOK X-Priv Mod, giving you an in-depth look into its features and specifications, while also throwing in a handful of tips. As many have come to know, these guides that we create also act as a full instruction manual so that you can easily get to know the product without the hassle of reading tiny words and bad English provided by the manufacturer in their small user manuals. Believe us, if you own a SMOK X-Priv Mod, reading this guide will greatly benefit you and your vaping journey.

Before we move on to the content you’re looking for, we want to let you know that this is a multi-page guide. To learn each and every detail about the X-Priv Box Mod, you’ll want to thoroughly read through each page. When you’re done with this guide, all that we ask is that you comment, let us know if this guide helped, and if you can help others in the comment section with this product, be sure to answer their questions and pay it forward. Thank you!

About The SMOK X-Priv Mod

smok-x-priv-225w-vape-modThe SMOK X-Priv Box Mod is a new addition to the Priv Series, building upon its success and delivering another line-up of innovative and highly appealing products. The X-Priv branches from the long list of Priv branded devices and now shoots for a more appealing appearance, a compact design, while dishing out the same great power we’ve all come to enjoy with past SMOK mods.

Boasting an incredible cobra pattern design on its backside and an outer frame available in several color options, you’ll find that the SMOK X-Priv Mod looks absolutely stunning. It’s constructed of zinc alloy and has carbon fiber paneling, while also using a stainless steel 510 threaded connection with a gold plated 510 contact. The front side of the device offers a 2-inch colorful HD screen with a vibrant display, advanced menu settings, and the ability to customize the screen color, which includes blue, purple, orange, red, white, and green. Just below the screen is a micro-USB port that allows you to charge the device while the batteries are currently installed, and it also acts as a upgrade port so that you can update the device’s firmware in the future. Just to the right of the port are two uniquely designed and positioned adjustment buttons with plus and minus symbols. The complete left side of the X-Priv is an innovative and ergonomic firing mechanism, where all you have to do is squeeze to fire. The back panel, which is made of carbon fiber and sports the cobra pattern design, conceals the battery compartment, which will allow you to house dual 18650 batteries.

As for its internals, we all know that SMOK has become well known for its ability to shell out plenty of power, an extensive temperature control suite, and several additional options to improve the performance of the device. With the SMOK X-Priv Mod in particular, you’ll be able to reach up to 225 watts while firing as low as 0.1-ohm while in its wattage mode. You also have three different output modes to choose from that can alter your experience, which includes Hard, Normal, and Soft settings. Like past SMOK mods, the X-Priv also offers a full temperature control suite, which has support for Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel materials. In addition, you enjoy using its adjustable initial resistance, adjustable TCR, and its preheat capability. Lastly, using the temp control mode will sending you soaring upwards of 600 degrees Fahrenheit and will allow you to fire as low as 0.05-ohm without any worry!

The SMOK X-Priv Mod Includes:

Like with any SMOK mod, often times you can buy the mod as a standalone unit or in a starter kit, which will include a tank to complete the experience. With the X-Priv, you can buy the mod itself and receive the SMOK X-Priv Mod, a USB cable, and a very lacking user manual. However, when you buy the SMOK X-Priv Starter Kit, you’ll receive the X-Priv Mod, the TFV12 Prince Tank, a Q4 coil head, a T10 coil head, USB cable, replacements parts and glass, and that same lacking user manual.

SMOK X-Priv Kit

SMOK X-Priv Box Mod

  • SMOK X-Priv 225W TC Box Mod
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual

SMOK X-Priv 225W TC Starter Kit

  • SMOK X-Priv 225W TC Box Mod
  • SMOK TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank
  • V12 Prince Q4 Coil Head
  • V12 Prince T10 Coil Head
  • USB Cable
  • Replacement Parts & Glass
  • User Manual

Where To Buy The X-Priv Mod

Online Shopping

While there are several stores to buy the X-Priv Mod online, we know a select few that we will recommend to you for several reasons. With some of these sites that we recommend, we’ve built a strong relationship and a good sense of trust with them. In that respect, we are pleased to recommend some of the stores we’re affiliated with and believe are worthy of your hard-earned dollar. For example, we strongly recommend stores like Direct Vapor and VaporDNA because we’ve worked with these companies for a long time and the vaping community has trusted them for several years, earning them a solid track record when it comes to distributing and selling vapor products. We’ve also recently started building an outstanding relationship with VapeDeal, a store that offers many of the industry’s most popular products at very low prices, so we urge you to check them out when you have the time.

SMOK X-Priv Instructions & Operation

In this section of the guide, we’re going to tell you how to operate the SMOK X-Priv Box Mod. Often times we get feedback from viewers that tell us right after they purchased the product, they immediately tossed the packaging or user manual in the trash — some do this on accident, while others do it on purpose. If you’ve ever bought a China-made product, you can understand the difficulty with the instructions and guidance those manuals provide. We know the struggle, therefore we’ve created this guide where we list all the operations, from the most basic to the main operations to control and use this device.

Basic X-Priv Operation

Verifying The Authenticity: To prove the authenticity of your SMOK X-Priv Mod, you need to verify it is an actual product made by the SMOK brand. There are many fakes that circulate the market, so doing this will sure yourself that you paid for the real X-Priv. First, use your phone or PC and visit the official SMOK website. Once you’ve navigated to the website, navigate to the SMOK support page. Next, you will want to find the packaging that your SMOK X-Priv Mod came in and scratch off the coating on the security label. The security label is often on the right side of the box, next to the barcode. Once you scratch it, you will see a code that you must input into the field on the webpage to verify the mod. Wait a few seconds and the results will be displayed.

Installing Batteries Correctly: First, remove the back carbon fiber panel from your SMOK X-Priv. Once the panel is removed you’ll see two slots for batteries in the battery compartment. Indicated in the battery compartment is the direction you should insert the batteries. Both batteries should have the negative side up and the positive side down.

How To Turn On The X-Priv: To turn the X-Priv on, simply click the firing bar 5-times consecutively. You will then see the SMOK logo and will immediately be redirected to the main screen. Repeat the process to turn the X-Priv off.

How To Activate and Use The X-Priv: Pressing the firing bar will activate or power the device. First, make sure you have a tank filled with e-liquid attached to the 510 connection on the mod. Also, make sure you are in the correct mode to use the device. If the coil you’re using was designed for wattage mode, you’ll want to make sure you are in wattage (variable wattage) mode. You will then need to adjust the wattage to your preference or the manufacturer’s wattage rating for the coil you’re using. You will only need to press the firing bar for a few seconds to get a satisfying amount of vapor. However, if you do happen to press the firing bar for more than 12-seconds, the power/wattage will automatically cut off due to a built-in safety feature equipped with this device.

How To Adjust Wattage: To adjust the wattage, locate the two adjustment buttons on the bottom right-hand corner of the device. The button on the left is your minus button or down/left button, while the button on the right is the plus button or up/right button. Press the minus button to go down in wattage or the plus button to go up in wattage.

How To Adjust Temperature: First make sure that you’re in temperature control mode. To adjust the temperature, locate the two adjustment buttons on the bottom right-hand corner of the device. Use the minus button to lower the temperature or use the plus button to raise the temperature.

Main X-Priv Operation

How To Enter The Menu Screen: To enter the menu screen and make adjustments to the device, you’ll want to press the firing bar down 3-times consecutively. Once you enter the menu screen, you can navigate and make your selections appropriately.

How To Navigate The Menu: Press the firing bar down 3-times to enter the menu screen. Now press the firing bar each time you would like to navigate to a different screen setting. To make selections you can use both of the adjustment buttons and long press the firing bar.

How To Control Puff Settings: Enter the menu screen by pressing the fire bar 3-times. Once on the menu screen, press the firing bar until you come to the puff settings. Use the adjustment buttons to change the puff limiter from 1-puff to 999-puffs, or go adjust down below 1 puff until you see “NEVER” to disable the puff limit. To clear the puff count, simply long press the firing bar until the “Puff Clear” has been highlighted. Once it’s highlighted, use your adjustment buttons to switch it to “Yes”, then long press the firing bar to make your selection.

How To Change Screen Color: Enter the menu screen by pressing the fire bar 3-times. Once on the menu screen, press the firing bar until you come to the “Screen Setting” screen. Then use your adjustment buttons to cycle through the many color options. Once you’ve highlighted the color you want, press the firing bar twice to reach the main screen.

Quick Tips

Changing Modes Quickly: To change modes quickly, press the firing bar and left adjustment button at the same time while on the main screen. This will give you an option of which mode you want to choose from, including wattage, titanium, stainless steel, ni200 nickel, and memory mode.

Change Output Settings Quickly: To change your device’s output settings quickly, press the firing bar and right adjustment button at the same time while on the main screen. This will give you an option of which output setting you want to choose from, including Soft, Normal, and Hard.

How To Lock & Unlock The X-Priv Quickly: To lock the X-Priv so that it can’t be accidentally fired or adjusted from the adjustment buttons, press the firing bar and both adjustment buttons at the same time. The device will then lock. Repeat the same process to unlock the device. *HIDDEN ACTION* Pressing the firing bar down 20 times will also lock and unlock the device.


  1. Like the mod but it won’t fire the screen just says ; OHM TOO LOW 0.015 🙁 so now I have a pretty paperweight.
    I took it to my local vape store and after trying everything they confirmed “yep -it’s broke.”
    Not sure how it happened can someone please give me advice ? I don’t want to believe this 6month old device is 6 ft under.

  2. Yeah I have the smoke x priv and I put the batteries in and it show smoke logo then screen goes blank iv pressed it five time and nothing pressed it three times nothing just a blank screen I plugged it in and it show batteries charging that about it do you know how to fix my vape

    • I haven’t tested it, but I was told at my local vape shop that it’s better to charge the batteries separately in a charger designed for that type of battery, rather than using the charging port. It could also be a problem with your batteries, but that’s just me venturing a guess.

  3. This is a great guide, and way better than the manual that comes with device. I’ve just discovered Another tip:

    Although the x-priv reads ohm resistance automatically, it can also be manually set. It’s really easy to do:
    Lock the device (press the side bar 5 times, and it will say locked).
    Then press and hold the + button for a few seconds, and it will display the current ohm setting. Press the + or – button to adjust this. Then unlock the device (side bar 5 times). When you fire it, it will fire at the ohm setting you have set, and the on-screen display will update.

  4. I just got a Smok X-Priv mod & a Cobra Prince TFV12 Tank to vape CBD oil. What should I set the ohms & wattage to? And which mode should I use? No matter what I do the voltage ALWAYS reads 0.000V. Also, 5 triggers on then 5 more only locks & unlocks – never turns it off! I trigger 3x to enter menus, trig to Power Off screen but no matter what I do it still doesn’t power off! I +-button to highlight the check but then what? Argh! So frigging annoying because I verified both mod & tank are authentic but still can’t get the damn thing to vape my ultra-premium cbd e-juice – & I really need it right about now! Please! Anyone! Help me!! BTW: Anyone wanna recommend best batteries to use? I’ve got a pair of 3700mHa 35A 3.7V IMR 18650s & a pair of 4000mHa, but with them fully charged, I pull the trigger & my X-Priv keeps saying “battery low” – but
    both battery meters show them full too. So I’m gonna return them as they’re brand new but won’t seem to work for my mod. Am I using incorrectly rated batteries? I can’t find any info on what I need.

    • To turn off, click side button 3 times, then click the side button to get to the “Off” power screen. The default is an “X”, tap the + or – to highlight the check, then press and hold the side button. You’ll see the Smok name as it powers off. Clicking the side button 5 times turns it back on.

      For batteries, Google “best vape batteries”. There are lots of articles with comparisons depending on what you’re looking for. Personally, I use Sony VTC6 3000 mAh. They’re solid.

      Also, I use the Wattage mode and only see 0.000 for voltage, just like you. No idea why.

      • The 0.000 on the voltage was bothering me so I researched it. If you press the side button without vaping and watch the voltage, it changes. It’s apparently supposed to be a real time thing, which is kinda silly since you can’t see it while you’re vaping.

  5. Hello, I have smok priv baby.
    I was wondering do I have to adjust ohms? I vape it around 50 wtts.
    The ohms reads 0.304.
    And if so, how do I do that. My son who bought mine for me, and got me into vaping. Tried mine and said he thinks it tastes burnt. It seems fine to me. But I do want to make sure I’m doing everything correctly. To keep in in good condition. 🙁

    • Most of the SMOK mods I’ve used automatically detect the proper ohms for your coil. I have no personal experience with the baby priv, but my wife had a SMOK baby mag, and she frequently complained of a burnt taste. She’s relatively certain it was because of the 50 watt limit. When she started using her tank on my larger X-Priv mod, she said she experienced much better flavor and coil lifespan with the higher wattages. I’d recommend going to a larger mod with a wider wattage range.

  6. Thank you. I was looking for the manual but the official website doesn’t have anything since SMOK is a terrible company through and through. But thanks to you I’ve fixed my problem so that I can keep vaping this terribly broken mod while waiting for my new order from another brand.

  7. My X-prive stopped working after two years. First a set of batteries stopped chargind. The other set worked well. Today, the kit stopped working at all. It doesn’t turn on. Any of hints found online doesn’t work either. After inserting charged batteries, the display shows the logo for some seconds and goes black.

  8. So glad to have found this. I just found the instructions too little to read so it’s been guesswork in everything I do. The screen would stay on forever. Now I can adjust it down to twenty seconds and there are other tips and tricks to adjust so I can have a better experience.