VOOPOO has been at the top of its game for a minute, sparking great innovation by developing some of the industry’s most memorable devices. It is continuing this trend by developing even more products, such as its latest pod system, the VOOPOO Vinci X. For those that plan to buy it, have already bought it, or just want to learn more about it, we have created a complete guide to the VOOPOO Vinci X Pod System.

The VOOPOO Vinci X Pod System

Sporting outstanding quality, you will never feel as if the VOOPOO Vinci X isn’t durable enough to stand up to your daily use. It’s constructed of zinc alloy, while the pod is made up of a PCTG material. It measures just 117mm by 29.5mm by 25.3mm, meaning it’s very compact and very portable. The device is available in several color options and boasts amazing appeal, especially with a 0.96″ TFT color screen display. On this display, you can adjust wattage, see the current battery level, and there is even a Puff Mode that will track your vaping habits. This is all possible due to the GENE.AI chipset, which is a high-performance chip capable of delivering incredible features.

VOOPOO Vinci X Pod System

Though it is small in size, the VOOPOO Vinci X 70w Pod Kit can hold a single 18650 battery, which gives it the capability of delivering a 5-70W power range. This range of power will mean the device can support nearly any coil available that you can throw at it. The VOOPOO Vinci X Coils included in the kit, the PnP VM1 0.3-ohm Coil and the PnP VM4 0.6-ohm Coil. 

The VOOPOO Vinci X Pod has a 5.5mL vape juice capacity and accommodates both regular e-liquid and salt nicotine e-liquid.

VOOPOO Vinci X Pod Operation

In this part of the guide, we are going to explain how to use the Vinci X Pod. Although an instruction manual is included in the Vinci X Pod Kit, many people have trouble seeing the fine print or have trouble understanding the instructions due to the language barrier from the Chinese manufacturers. We hope this guide serves its purpose to help those looking for guidance with the new Vinci X Pod System by VOOPOO.

How To Replace The Coil: Remove the pod from the device. Next, remove the coil from the bottom of the pod by pulling it out. Properly prime the new coil and insert it into the pod. To finish, reinsert the pod back into the device.

How To Fill The Pod With E-Liquid: Remove the pod from the device. Next, pull out the silica gel plug on the bottom of the pod. Proceed by filling the fill slot with e-liquid. It is recommended to keep the pod two-thirds full. Push the silica gel plug back into the slot, then reinsert the pod back into the device.

How To Turn The Device ON/OFF: Press the fire button 5-times fast to turn the device on or off.

How To Clear The Puff Counter: Press the fire button and down “-” button at the same time.

How To Enter and Exit The Puff Counter: Press the up “+” and down “-” button at the same time to enter the puff counter. Press and hold the fire button to exit the puff counter.

How To Lock / Unlock The Device: Press the fire button and up “+” button at the same time to lock the device. Press it again to unlock the device.

How To Enter The Clock Interface: Press the fire button, up button “+”, and down button “-” at the same time. Short press the fire button to change the selection, then use the up and down buttons to adjust the time. To save the exist, press and hold the fire button.

How To Install The Battery: Unscrew the bottom battery cover, install the 18650 battery from the bottom of the device, then screw in the bottom battery cover.

How To Adjust The Wattage: When the device is turned on, press the up “+” or down “-” adjustment buttons to increase or decrease the wattage.


  1. Hi Blake.
    I watched a few YouTube videos and people are very frustrated that they cannot make the temp go past a certain amount. For example when I put a .30 coil in, it goes to 35w. I found this no where in the instructions but by accident… If you click the Fire button 4x it changes over to blue and in that setting the Vinci X will go up to 70 with any coil.
    I can’t seem to find this information anywhere so I wanted to share with someone who could get that word out.
    Thank you, Blake.

  2. On Voopoo Vinci – I’m stuck in ‘P’ mode & can’t get it to go into ‘Auto’. The power & + & – doesn’t seem to put it into clock mode either.
    Any suggestions? or maybe a factory reset?
    Cheers in advance!

  3. What’s the best way to pry up the rubber flap for loading? Even though I have long nails, I can’t get under it. I wind up using a small pair of scissors and slide a blade under the flap and lift. Any ideas for a better way to do this? I know I’m eventually going to cut the flap.

  4. I’ve just started getting a low power message on the screen and I can’t find any info on why. Looking for answers


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