When it comes to complete guides for different vapor products, we have a long history of providing in-depth looks at mods and their functionality from almost every company on the market. The Wulf Duo is our latest target, stick around for more information about the company, the device and find out why so many vapers are turning to this company. What makes this mod stand out from the pack… we are about to tell you!

The Wulf Brand

WulfMods LogoSome companies produce devices for the e-liquid market, others for the dry herb market and a few have tried to cross the boundaries of both industries. Wulf mods are one of the few brands that have consistently put out products that stand the test of time in both markets. These cross over devices generally miss the mark, but since its inception in 2011 Wulf Mods has been cranking out high-quality devices that meet the consumer’s checkboxes. Being dead in the middle of Vapor Central, Southern California meant that the people who would eventually use the products were right outside their doors. Quality control and customer satisfaction have always been at the top of their priority list and the products they produce show it every time.

Let’s Take A Look At The Wulf Duo

Wulf DuoMeasuring in at two and a half inches tall by just an inch and a half wide, the Wulf Duo is the ultimate stealth mod to drop in your pocket when you’re on the go. With a 1000 mAh Lithium-ion internal battery, it has enough power to get you through the day. Rock solid construction makes this device feel sturdy, unlike many of its competitors the Wulf Duo was designed to last.

Sleek, stylish and designed with the customer in mind, all of the device’s functionality is hidden from view. Pull away the large magnetic faceplate to reveal the various colored LED’s, firing button and USB charging port. With an internal cartomizer style chamber hidden within the device, to the untrained eye, this tiny box mod could be just about anything. More to the point, if you accidentally drop the mod, the tank is protected, the only thing that may get damaged is the drip tip.

The two unique styles of vaping chambers are designed for 2 very different purposes. The glass chamber is designed for use with e-liquids or essential oils while the other, metal chamber is designed for use with concentrates. The metal chamber is equipped with a quartz dual coil system for even product heating every time. With adjustable voltage and pre-heating options, you can tailor your vaping experience to your own liking and whether you are vaping concentrates or oils the Wulf Vape Duo will make it a simple experience.

What’s In The Box

  • Wulf Duo Mod
  • USB Charging cable
  • Long magnetic connector
  • Short magnetic connector
  • Glass cartridge for oil
  • Dual quartz concentrate tank


Before First Use: As soon as you unpack the Wulf Duo, stick the USB charging cord into a charging block- not a fast charger- and leave it to charge for at least 2 hours. Wulf has programmed the Duo with a red LED turning on when you first plug it in and turning off when the device is fully charged. After the initial charge, never charge the device for longer than 1 hour as this could cause permanent damage to the battery pack.

Turn Device ON/OFF: 5 rapid clicks on the faceplate (if attached) or firing button will turn the device on/off.

Change Voltage: 3 rapid clicks on the magnetic faceplate/ fire button will flash the LED indicating the current voltage. 3 further clicks will move it to the next power setting in the rotation which is:

  •        RED: 4.0V
  •        ORANGE: 3.8V
  •        GREEN: 3.6V
  •        BLUE:   3.4V

Pre-Heat Function: 2 rapid clicks on the magnetic faceplate/ fire button will put the Wulf Duo into the pre-heat mode for 15 seconds, cycling through the LEDs as it gets up to temperature. This will ensure even heating before firing the device and can be canceled by a single press of the magnetic faceplate/ fire button. This mode is especially handy when vaping concentrates as it ensures that when you take that initial hit you get the maximum performance from the quartz dual coil system.

Filling Cartomizer With Oil:

  •        Remove cartomizer mouthpiece from Wulf Duo
  •        Fill glass cartomizer with the required amount of oil/liquid
  •        Attach the desired magnetic adaptor to the glass cartomizer before screwing the mouthpiece onto the top.
  •        Place glass cartomizer into the chamber and commence vaping.

Loading Quartz Dual Coil Atomizer With Concentrate:

  •        Remove Duo cover chamber form the base.
  •        Insert the desired amount of concentrate into the chamber.
  •        Attach desired magnetic adaptor to the base of the chamber before screwing the mouthpiece into place.
  •        Drop the now loaded concentrate tank into the Wulf Duo and commence vaping.