I’m grateful for blogs, it gives people a way to express themselves, provide info and in many cases entertain. This blogger that we’ll talk about today did just that – he expressed himself and gave his opinion of what bugs him. I’m sure we all have our dislikes or what errks us the wrong way, but here’s a part of his story that I would like to reply on.

So basically in this post, the blogger “Niagara Kayaker” titles the post “You Know What Bugs Me” – He explains a lot of things that bug him in the world of electronic cigarettes, and for many of them I agree and feel the same way, until I got to this part.

Another thing I used to love that bugs me is that I also am beginning to stop watching any video review of overpriced junk. I know I cant understand a cig-a-like 808 anymore, I however do understand the need for such a device, but Njoy can own that market, let them. Few disposables are as good and i have tried many. I recommend vision spinners with Evods these days, they actually work. Please reviewers stop reviewing anything that doesn’t pass that type of bar in your world and viewpoint PLEASE! Also it bugs me  that Joye cant fix their dial right on Ego Twist, tragic flaw you haven’t picked up on yet? Fire marketing department executives please.

It bugs me that I can’t respect any longer  reviewers that gets sent trash and doesn’t come right out and say its trash. Please have some dignity and care for smokers trying to quit not people making fancy custom stick batteries for $100. Just say dont buy it it isn’t as good as something else you really believe in or better yet, just don’t review it at all. Misinformation that promotes growth of the ineffective stuff kills another smoker who tries and who doesn’t have the determination to continue to use vaping as a low risk alternative. I would be morally conscious of putting out reviews on crap. If thousands of people watch your video and take your advise, recognize the massive influence You Tube reviews have on new vapers, I know I was one of them once. I know only one friend who is a reviewer that might read my blog,  I am not referring to you but other of your peers.

I loved the line one Scottish reviewer dude I love to watch for his humility and honesty who said something like, “Don’t trust my review only its just my own opinion, but watch as many opinions as you can and make your own, decision”  or something close to that. Cheers Mate!


I do agree, there are many reviewers that post reviews of overly priced ecigs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re junk. The over priced stuff is because it’s more commercialized and backed by a larger company. However, that of course doesn’t affect the review. We’re all big boys here and there’s no need to keep secrets… reviews are about promoting a product for the vendor and about sharing an opinion of the product with the viewer. If there’s a place for the product and does perform correctly, then I think it will make for a great review.

Prices aren’t what us reviewers control. We give our opinion on the product and our own advice, but it’s up to the viewers to make the wisest decisions for themselves and what price point suits them best. And just for example, you can find many stick style ecigs much cheaper than what you can purchase from say blu Ecigs, but what is needed to understand is that many purchase from blu because the size of the company, because they’ve seen many good customer reviews and because blu has put so much into promoting that they’re the number one company. I think sometimes it relies more on a trust thing versus a price. We deal with the same thing in every other market today.

Anytime I review a stick style battery, I mention that it isn’t anything I would recommend continuing with. I believe stick style batteries are best used for giving a smoker an idea of electronic cigarettes or carrying even a more advanced user over those 8 hours of work without a large battery mod in their pocket. Like we both agree on, they have their place.

And for the last line, I believe that quote is purely common sense for the viewer. One certain reviewer isn’t the face or official voice of these products. We’re here to share and help you form your own opinion.

If you would like to read Niagara’s full blog post, visit You Know What Bugs Me

Niagara, very nice post and though I personally don’t agree with some of it, I respect your caring and willingness to help others. It’s obvious you have a strong passion for ecigs and what they’ve done for us. Props to you.