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Was Tobacco E Liquid Really All That Popular?

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Vaping and electronic cigarettes have become increasingly popular over the last few years with smokers looking to give up cigarettes for their health.

With so many different flavors to choose from is tobacco e-liquid actually popular? Well, the sales certainly seem to prove that they are. Increases in sales across the last year and in particular the last few months show that they are becoming high in demand.

New vape smokers tend to look for a 50-50 split when it comes to tobacco e-liquid as it can help with the nicotine cravings they may have once they try to stop smoking. 

Let’s take a look at the top flavors available on the market.

Black Note Prelude

The black note prelude is a high in demand vape juice both in the United Kingdom and the United States. It is a 50/50 blend that is created in small batches. Using tobacco grown in the Italian Alps has a very distinct and smooth flavor.

Prices can start at roughly nineteen dollars depending on where you purchase it from. As this is a high demand e-liquid it can be difficult to find suppliers but a quick search on the internet and you should be successful.

Black Note Solo

Another popular Tobacco E Liquid is the black note solo.It is a menthol blend with a smooth peppermint taste. It contains oriental natural tobacco extract with peppermint leaves to give it that menthol taste.

This brand is extremely popular for those who love a minty fresh taste when it comes to their vaping and e-liquids. 

Sahara Classic E Liquid

Many smokers who have recently given up cigarettes highly recommend the Sahara classic e-liquid as it has helped them with their transition from cigarettes to vaping.

It has a lighter taste than a lot of other tobacco e liquids and has flavors from North Africa. It is extremely popular in the United States and is a best seller.

Rolling Stoned Premium 

With a name like Rolling Stoned, this e-liquid was always going to be a popular choice. The flavors of honey, coco, and caramel make this a favorite for everyday use. 

It contains organic ingredients so is a favorite of the environmentally conscious.

It is reasonably priced and can be found in most good vape shops in stores and online. To find the best price always hop around online as prices can vary from store to store.

American Red Tobacco Vape Juice

This e-liquid is a firm favorite of most Americans. With its earthy and strong flavors, it’s not the weak-hearted. It is reasonably priced with a small bottle being priced from $15.99, so is a little cheaper than some other options. 

It has been a popular and ever-growing brand of e-liquid for a while now and is loved by many vapor smokers. 

Due to its strong taste, it is a great choice for those who have just given up smoking cigarettes with many agreeing it tastes even better than the real thing.

Are E Liquids Safe To Use

This is a common question from vape smoker newbies and the answer to this question is twofold. Although smoking e-cigarettes and vaping is not completely risk-free it is certainly a lot safer than smoking your traditional tobacco products like cigarettes.

There are some harmful chemicals found in e-cigarettes but the amount is much lower than that found in normal cigarette smoke so is most definitely a better option to choose.

Using e liquids is a great way to help you give up smoking, as most smokers will tell you, going cold turkey is an almost impossible thing to do. So by moving on from smoking cigarettes to e liquids it can really help speed up the process of giving up smoking.

More and more people are now vaping instead of smoking and this can only be a good thing for the health of everyone, not just the smoker by those around the smoker as well, as second-hand smoke can be extremely damaging to everyone around it.

How Many Years Has Vaping Been Around?

Although vaping has become more popular in the last few years it has actually been around since 2003. The first electronic e-cigarette was created in China by 52-year-old Hon Lik. He was a smoker himself who created the device after seeing his father suffer from lung cancer for many years while smoking cigarettes.

It made its way to the western world in 2006 with more and more people creating different styles of e-cigarette. As they became more popular, more brands got involved and started creating the different varieties and flavors that we can find today.

As you may well have spotted, more and more vaping shops have started opening up, particularly in the United Kingdom as their popularity has grown. This has really helped with more people discovering vaping as a way of helping them give up smoking cigarettes.

The Future Of E Liquids

As more and more people take up vaping and the advancements in flavors and variety grow it’s inevitable that vaping will eventually help eradicate cigarette smoking once and for all. This can only be a good thing for the health of nations across the globe.

Although smoking of any kind does have its own health issues, smoking tobacco e-liquid is most definitely a better option than smoking unhealthy cigarettes.

With more and more medical professionals now advising cigarette smokers to take up vaping as a healthier alternative, it’s inevitable that tobacco e liquids are going to grow in popularity

To Sum Up

Tobacco e-liquid is certainly a popular choice for people who vape. As a means to help move away from cigarettes as well as for those who like a little kick from their vaping experience. 

Is tobacco e-liquid the right choice for you? Well only you can answer that question, so give it a try today!

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Blake Brown

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