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Apple Champagne – deejStuff

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Just the other day I asked Blake if he had any new e-liquids that may have come in to sample. He told me that he just got a package in from and that I could grab a bottle to try out. I picked up Apple Champagne and from the name to the smell of the e-liquid, I knew this would be a great starting vape from the deejStuff e-liquid line.

When I think of Apples, I think sweet and crisp fruit. When I think of Champagne, I think bubbly and sweet. So when I tried Apple Champagne E-Liquid, I was amazed at how I got a sweet crisp fruit and bubbly taste out of it. Just enough fruit and just enough bubbly. This E-Liquid is absolutely one of my favorites now. Following the nice labels placed on the bottle were easy to read names, 18mg of nicotine and a 50% PG / 50% VG indication. Below the contents had the date the e-liquid was made, a notation for steeping times and at the bottom read “Keep out of reach of children”, which I would expect. The mixture between my 1.5ohm LR atomizer and the 50% mix, the vapor production was outstanding. The throat hit was great with a small kick, nothing too over powering. Even if you have never had champagne or even if you don’t like apples, you will be impressed with this E-Liquid. So to my expectations , this Apple Champagne E-Liquid is AMAZING!!!

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(For this review, I used a fully charged EGO and 1.5ohm LR atomizer. Direct drip.)


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