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EGO X6 Starter Kit Review

The EGO X6 from Clever Vape is a fancy little device. Being it’s a starter kit, it makes for a perfect starter kit for an intermediate leveled vaper. For those of you who haven’t yet stepped off into the world of mods, this kit is a fantastic introduction to it. About The EGO X6: The X6...

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An Interview With The Founder of Janty

The Janty MiD was recently announced and immediately created a stir in the crowd of vapers. If you haven’t seen our Janty MiD post in the Advanced section of Guide To Vaping, then you’re missing out on one of the hottest and soon to be talked about devices of 2012-2013. This type of...


eGo Vs. eGo-C Twist

To many of you that are familiar with the eGo series from Joyetech, you might be wondering why a comparison between the regular eGo and the eGo-C Twist is even needed. I completely understand, however… from a recent experience, I’ve learned some of the more newbie vapers still seek and...


Back To The Tried And True

If you were informed enough and put in the initial research for electronic cigarettes, chances are you started off with the tried and true “eGo”. The eGo is more sought after than the stick style e-cigs that started this craze, mainly because of its more common 510 threaded connection...

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Apple Champagne – deejStuff

Just the other day I asked Blake if he had any new e-liquids that may have come in to sample. He told me that he just got a package in from and that I could grab a bottle to try out. I picked up Apple Champagne and from the name to the smell of the e-liquid, I knew this would be a...

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Electronic Cigarettes: Vapers and The Cycle

Once you become a vaper, also known as an electronic cigarette user, you begin to grow a fascination with everything that involves them. Not only do you grow a love for trying new flavored e-liquids, but you also acquire a desire for the latest PV (Personal Vaporizer). You always want to top what...



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