Our lifestyle category is a culmination of articles that bring both the vaping and CBD communities together as one. The articles in this category will display the lifestyle of these respected communities. Guide To Vaping was built for the community, not business.

A Week Filled With Fire, Smoke, Vapor and Friends

Throughout my time writing on this blog, I've only shared my personal life a select amount of times.  However, I feel this should be one of those times, especially...

Vendor Card Collection

Though it may sound a bit off for a collection, I have talked to others that surprisingly collects vendors business cards to either have them for show, to always have a...


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Getting Out of The Funk!

I remember back when I used to quickly run through the packs of Marlboro cigarettes, nicotine satisfied, but always extremely lazy. The smoke was corroding my life, leaving me...

Vape On


Our Trip To VCCTN 2014

This past weekend marked the first vaping convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The convention was held in a 40,000 square foot room and located in the very large Chattanooga Convention...

VaperCon Pictures

These are pictures collected from the many vapers at VaperCon 2011.  If I have a picture of you and you want it taken down, contact me and I'll take...

E-Cig Market