The online vaping community is filled with many wonderful people that if we weren’t all vaping, we would have never came in contact with. There are thousands upon thousands of vapers that make our community what it is today, but we also have more than a handful that has really stood out and went further than the normal. Many of us vapers want to make a name for ourselves, some have only scratched the surface and some have succeeded. The ones that have succeeded are those people that first come to mind when thinking of that topic.

If you’re unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, let me give you an example…

When I think of reviews – Grim Green, when I think of D.I.Y. – JD Vorr, Drip Tips – Cheryl at CherryVape, Tanks – MAP at MostAngryIndustries or Coupons – Jeannie at VapeNet.

That’s just to name only a few of them and there are many more that have such a major impact in our vaping community. These people have an effect on the community that could really make a difference. It’s almost like I look to them as the ones in charge or the leaders of the pack. Do they force me to agree with their opinions or make me use the vape products they use? No, but they do inspire and have an effect on me and the rest of you also. Now I ask, are these people just natural born leaders or is it the trades that come along with them? – I have nothing special about me, but I have and still try to make a name for myself. The thinking of one day some random vaper will have on his or her mind “ helped me make the switch to electronic cigarettes” and that is what motivates me to keep going. Maybe it’s the same reason JD Vorr continues to teach us D.I.Y. or maybe it’s the reason why the VapeTeam works so hard to keep offering great shows each week.

No matter what your reasoning is, give me this chance to give back and motivate you with this post. Who you are and what you offer is shaping our vaping community and having a great effect in my vaping experience.

Keep doing what you do ‘big names’…