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Innokin Why Smoke

Innokin’s “Why Smoke?” vaping campaign hits the streets of London

London, UK - Innokin presents its "Why Smoke?" campaign in London, featuring branded buses, vans, and projection displays on buildings throughout the city. Innokin is proud to create a vaping...
cstore new products

Tobacco OTP “Hot New Product Contest” Winners

The C-Store Decisions publication has a yearly contest that rates the best new products available for convenience store shelves. Companies submit new products to a panel of judges at...

Main Reasons That Vaping Have a Positive Affect Mental Development During Studying

Smoking is still a popular habit many people adopt for various reasons. As nicotine is addictive, giving up smoking becomes a challenging thing to do. Moreover, the tobacco industry...
Innokin Sensis

The Evolution of Vape Technology

Innokin has teamed up with Fourier Technology to develop the Sensis, the first vaporizer with 4th generation vaping technology. From the first generation Ruyan cigalike to the latest devices, vape...
wholesale vape

Wholesale Vape Suppliers Are Gearing Up For Demand

Wholesale vape suppliers have always been an important part of the vaping industry, however, due to vapor laws forcing compliance and shipping companies outright banning parcels containing vapor products,...

Find-F, Find the code and unlock a new generation vape technology?

Gamers may remember Contra and the famous Konami code, shared by friends playing video games together in living rooms all over the world. Entering this secret code at the...
ESL Football

Innokin Teams Up With EFL to Advocate Smoking Alternatives

Innokin recently announced that they are glad to reach thousands of people by spreading their message at the EFL Championship matches this year. They hope this campaign brings attention...
vaping ban

Australian Vape Juice Supplier Fights Nicotine Ban

The first of July marked an important day in Australia’s vaping laws. Supporters celebrated this news, but many did not. July 1st is important, as this is the day that...

SMOORE, VAPORESSO’s Parent, Frist Vaping Billionaires!

The vapor products industry is moving forward, growing to new heights, and now one of the world’s largest vaping device providers has become the first vape company listed in...
Puff Bars Disposable Vapes

Puff Bars Temporarily Stops All Sales In The U.S.

Plastering the front page of the Puff Bars website is a new announcement stating that it has stopped all sales in the U.S. temporarily. This announcement comes at a...