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The Best of 2012 – Vape Vendors and Community

We gave the electronic cigarette community an opportunity to choose who and what was the best of 2012... and we've heard your voice this year loud and clear. Attention: If...
Electronic Cigarette News

Altria Could Potentially Add $5 Billion In Value From E-Cigs

A recent article on Trefis, estimated that Altria could potentially add $5 billion in value from e-cigs. Since the existence of electronic cigarettes, the tobacco market has been slowly, but...

We Are Vapers -A Documentary Film

(From [vimeo 34320245 w=400 h=225] We Are Vapers - A Documentary Film from Linc Williams on Vimeo.   We Are Vapers A Documentary Film An Exploration into the World of Harm Reduction WHAT’S THE STORY ABOUT? Smoking tobacco...
US Study: Smoking Vs Vaping Cost Burns ANTZ header

US Study: Smoking Vs Vaping Cost Burns ANTZ

  Smoking is more affordable than vaping was the headline of an article this week in PG/VG magazine, and, as you can imagine, this has set social media on fire.  ...

Exclusive News On The VapeTeam

With the electronic cigarette industry rapidly evolving, the growth of new products, blogs, chats and videos are starting to surface every month. Word of mouth begins to spread like...
vaping safer than smoking cancer study

New Cancer Study Finds Vaping Much Safer Than Smoking

Earlier this month an article was released sharing that a new cancer study was published and found vaping to be much safer than smoking.  In fact, the researchers found...

Smokio Partners With Asian American Trade Association Council

If you've been an active reader of Guide To Vaping's product reviews category, then you may have noticed our latest advanced personal vaporizer review of the Smokio E-Cigarette. For...

JSB Creates WIFI E-Cig

A Shenzhen company, Jieshibo Technology Co. (JSB),  recently announced the creation of a WIFI e-cigarette. JSB will introduce a type of e-cigarette that connects via WIFI technology. The way the...
the battle for electronic cigarettes

The Battle For Electronic Cigarettes

From an explanation to a heartfelt story of a former tobacco smoker who made the switch, many enthusiasts and organizations are not only pleading for electronic cigarettes, they're enduring a battle...
jail cell

Alabama Jail To Sell E-Cigarettes

Following in the path of the latest Tennessee Jail to sell e-cigarettes, an Alabama Jail will now rake in the profit from the quickly growing devices as well. In Phenix...