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Providing the latest CBD and vape news so that you are always up-to-date with what’s happening from Guide To Vaping and around the world. We have been a prominent news source for the community since 2011.

lawsuit money

Five Pawns Subjected To Multi Million Dollar Lawsuit

Five Pawns Subjected To  Multi Million Dollar Lawsuit. As the hammer of the FDA hangs heavy, poised to decimate an entire industry in the USA, there are many in...
Latest E-Cig Study

Survey Says 63 Percent of Public Okay With Vaping

A new survey, the 2014 American E-Cigarette Etiquette Survey, conducted by Harris Interactive and funded by Mistic, reported that 63 percent of the public is okay with someone vaping near...

Utah Call To Action – 2

From Jason @ ElectronicStix.com Hey guys, we could really use your help! We here at ElectroNicStix Corp. have been diligently trying to fight for Utahn’s Right to vape. Rep. Bradley Last introduced...
wv annihilates vapor tax header

West Virginia Annihilates Vaping Tax

  Earlier today (05-23-16) all eyes were on the Capital Building in Charleston, as vapers from across the state of West Virginia gathered at the State capital to pay very...
juice box e-liquid fda warning letter

FDA Issues Warning To E-Liquid Manufacturers With Misleading Labels

In a press release held on Tuesday, May 1st, the FDA, and FTC joined forces in an effort to issue warning letters to e-liquid manufacturers with misleading labels. The...

Authorities Stub Out E-Cigs

FRANCES STEWART 20 Nov, 2011 01:00 AM CANBERRANS keen to try smokeless ''e-cigarettes'' are running a legal tightrope, with the product banned across Australia despite its increasing availability online.Health authorities and...
expanding horizon

Manufacturers Begin Expanding Their Horizon

For sometime now, manufacturers have driven their flag into the ground, letting it be known which category in the vaping marketplace they have expertise in.  In conjunction with other leading...

Science VS Fear: Friends of Vaping Step Forward

  As vaping regulations begin to take effect, some within the industry have taken it upon themselves to meet the FDA head to head in the court of law.  October...
Electronic Cigarette News

FDA Considers Banning Online Ecig Sales

With the Food and Drug Administration preparing for Federal Regulation of the Electronic Cigarette industry very soon, they're now considering a ban of online ecig sales to keep e-cigarettes out...
The Trump Train

Will President Trump Save Vaping?

As many are aware, the Food and Drug Administration have doomed the vaping industry as we know it when the Obama Administration FDA announced just last year that it...
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