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Science and Studies

In this category, you will find the latest releases of articles pertaining to vaping science and studies around the world involving electronic cigarettes. This is a thorough resource of vape studies for our viewers to reference.

What’s your Gender?

Are the majority of vapers male or female? - Let's find out!

Age Results From People Using Electronic Cigarettes

As you use your electronic cigarette daily, you see how quickly these devices became popular. You begin to wonder who else is using them and how many. Those answers...

KECA Results For Vapor Versus Smoke

The Korea Electronic Cigarette Association (KECA) ordered a test on the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette versus the smoke of a cigarette. Here are the results. Thanks to VaporTalk...

The Best of 2011- Vape Vendors and Community

Our readers and fans reported in on what they thought was the "best of" vaping in 2011. There are a lot of great juices, fair vendors, helpful forums, informative...

How old are you?

Let's find out how old the majority of vapers are. Choose which age group you're in.

The Prominent Side of Nicotine

The ability of ones choice to decide, nicotine or no nicotine. You're faced with the unreasonable decision everyday once you've become its pawn of non-stop money draining, deadline in-taking...

GuideToVaping Tally’s Some Interesting Vaping Results

In GuideToVaping's latest Poll, we asked you the viewers, "How long you've been vaping?". We've known that the majority of our viewers and subscribers are new to electronic cigarettes,...

Electronic Cigarettes and The Addiction

Electronic Cigarettes are of course new to many and those that have already been marching to the e-cig frenzy have grown a passion for them. There is no doubt...
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.