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In this category, you will find the latest releases of articles pertaining to vaping science and studies around the world involving electronic cigarettes. This is a thorough resource of vape studies for our viewers to reference.

EGO Takes Charge On GuideToVapings Poll Results

Recently we had a featured poll located on the sidebar here at GuideToVaping. We asked you what type of electronic cigarette do you have and your answers poured in...
Latest E-Cig Study

Study: E-Liquid Makes The Grade

A study published in the medical journal Addiction has found that electronic cigarette vaporizing liquid (commonly called e-liquid or e-juice) isn’t all that mysterious and scary. You can read the study here. Opponents to...
Latest E-Cig Study

How Electronic Cigarettes Affect Your Lungs: Results of an Online Survey of Users

If you trawl the net, you’ll find there’s little data on how ecigarettes effect your lungs. So, with some help from researcher Paul Bergen and vaping bloggers (and from lots...
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University of East London Research Finds Electronic Cigarettes Help People Stop Smoking

Research by the University of East London has found nearly 75 percent of people using electronic cigarettes found the devices helped the stop smoking. The findings just published show nearly...
Latest E-Cig Study

Study Finds E-Cigarettes Primarily Used To Quit Tobacco

Although the long-term health effects of electronic cigarettes are unknown, a new survey finds people who use the devices think of them as a safer alternative to tobacco and...
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Researchers Find Low Levels of Selected Carcinogens and Toxicants In Vapor From Electronic Cigarettes

Significance Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, are devices designed to imitate regular cigarettes and deliver nicotine via inhalation without combusting tobacco. They are purported to deliver nicotine without other...

New E-cigarette Study Shows No Risk from Environmental Vapor Exposure

An indoor air quality study conducted by CHANGE, LLC at the Center for Air Resources Engineering and Science at Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY was published this month in the peer reviewed...

Bloomberg Recognizes Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center’s Study on ecigs and Cardiac Function

(From By Mehreen Khan - Aug 25, 2012 5:40 AM CT  Electronic cigarettes used by smokers who want to kick the habit show no connection to heart disease, according to a study that adds...

Clearstream Air Study- ecigs and 2nd hand vapor

(From Utah Vapors) In December 2011, the Utah Vapers began working closely with FlavourArt from Milan Italy to research the current studies on electronic cigarettes. What we found is a...

IVAQs Study, Project Abstract- eCigs and air quality safety

NVC contracted CHANGE ( to oversee the indoor air quality study that would show whether e-cigarette vapor may present a risk for bystanders. In 2011 data was collected at...