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Top 5 Best Legal CBD Flower Strains

While it was once popular for extracting its cannabinoid-rich contents to be infused in a variety of consumable products, legal CBD Flower (hemp) is becoming increasingly favored in its raw form. People have taken to smoking and even vaping hemp for the incredible benefits that it offers, whether...


Ready To Try CBD, Check Out The CBD Starter Pack

Many people are still on the fence about taking CBD, but for those that are finally ready to try it, we urge you to check out the CBD Starter Pack. Believe it or not but if you search the web, you’ll likely only find vapor devices. A true starter pack should come with everything needed, not...


Top 5 Best CBD Products 2019

Since the 2018 Farm Bill, brands have been coming out of the woodworks with a range of CBD products. Everything from potent oils to deliciously crafted edibles, there is so many to choose from, so it makes it even more difficult to find the best CBD products in 2019. Indeed, everyone has their own...


The Best CBD Oil Tincture 2019

Since the finalization of the 2018 Farm Bill, people have been jumping at the sign of relief from a variety of conditions, and CBD Oil Tinctures have become the most popular form of delivery out of more than five methods. Not only are consumers jumping at the opportunity to explore the wonderful...


Salt Nicotine Juice and West Coast Vape Supply

Arguably the best addition to the vaping industry since variable wattage, Salt Nicotine Juice has become the latest hit. It has become a vaper’s ‘magic sauce’ for experiencing high nicotine e-liquid without the harsh throat-hit often associated with high levels. Now users all over the world are...

Vaping Guides

A Complete Guide To The SMOK TFV16 Tank

In the world of sub-ohm tanks, there are plenty to choose from. Many consumers have been drawn to SMOK’s portfolio of tanks due to their high-performance capability. The SMOK TFV series has been incredibly successful, and they’re continuing that success by developing yet another...

Vaping Guides

A Complete Guide To The Novo 2 Kit

When surfing through the wave of products that are released, what seems like every other day, it’s evident that you’ve come across SMOK products or have even purchased and own a SMOK product. If you’ve become a fan of these SMOK branded products as many have become, we’re...



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