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Best Practices for Storing E-Liquid

Storing your e-liquid is one of the most neglected elements of vaping. We tend to take our vape juice for granted, after all, don’t we? I know that, as I write this, I’ve got most of my vape juices just sitting out on my bathroom counter, for example. Sure, they’re organized by PG/VG ratio and...

Vaping Guides

A Complete Guide To The JUUL Vaporizer

While JUUL has certainly gained a lack of respect from the vaping community as a whole, it still remains to be one of the most used vaping devices by the public. Truth be told, it has allowed many once smokers to transition to the JUUL vaping device and ultimately leave tobacco as a thing of the...


Vape Tank Maintenance

Cleaning Your Tank So you’ve just picked up a shiny new vape tank and you swear you’re going to keep it in mint condition for as long as it lasts. Where do you begin? Let’s break down the function of a vape tank. Your tank is the “brain” of your vape, to use a biological metaphor. While the power...


Common Vape Issues Explained

As vape technology continues to progress, so do the number of things that can go wrong with them. Vapes can be as simple as a battery with a juice reservoir or complex electronic devices with all kinds of safety features, LED lights, and fully-functioning touchscreens. By no means will we be able...


Best CBD Gummies 2019

When it comes to CBD Gummies, the market has been flooded with them over the last couple of years, and the majority of people still have no idea that there are any differences between the brands or the companies that produce them. Just like anything in life, CBD Gummies are not created equally and...


The Best Way To Vape Nic Salts

Nicotine salts are the hottest new thing going in the vape industry. While freebase nicotine has its place and will likely never fade away entirely, these new e-juices are definitely the latest trend. Just check out the e-liquid section on a site like ProVape for instance. You’ll find almost as...

Basic Information

Have Vape, Will Travel

It’s summertime and that means you may be packing up to go on vacation or take a trip somewhere. Whether you’re looking to escape the heat or go soak up some rays, you’re going to want your vape with you. I mean, what’s a vacation if you can’t relax with your favorite e-juice? How could you...

Vaping Guides

A Complete Guide To The Aspire Breeze 2

If you’re on the hunt for a solid vape pod system or just need some guidance on one of Aspire’s best devices yet, we’ve written a complete guide to the Aspire Breeze 2. The guide is ultimately a user manual or instruction manual to educate you on the make-up of the device and...

Herbal Vaping

Naked 100 CBD Tinctures Preview

For those of you making your way to this article, there’s a fair chance that you’re familiar with the Naked 100 brand. In fact, at some point, you’ve had to run across this brand since they’re plastered on nearly every online vape store, and your local brick and mortar shops...

Vaping Guides

A Complete Guide To The Aspire AVP AIO Kit

Manufacturers continue to deliver an outpour of pod systems, and the latest to be released is the Aspire AVP AIO Kit. It’s a vapor pod system that not only looks outstanding but also offers a slew of features to make it stand out above a pool of others on the market. If you’ve just got...



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