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A Complete Guide To The SMOK X-Priv Mod

Today, we’re going to share our complete guide to the SMOK X-Priv Mod, giving you an in-depth look into its features and specifications, while also throwing in a handful of tips. As many have come to know, these guides that we create also act as a full instruction manual so that you can...


Why Do Coil Heads Not Last Long In Vape Tanks

Have you ever bought a new vape tank, you start vaping and immediately fall in love with the brilliant airflow and the true flavor extracted from your favorite e-liquid? Join the crowd because there are many users who experience this. However, the fascinating experience will often sour shortly...

Beginner Vaping Guides

What You Need To Start Vaping In 2018

What you need to start vaping in 2018 is a common question in today’s era for beginner vapers, since products and the technology that guides them continue to improve. We are beyond the days of recommending e-cigs that were designed to mimic the traditional look of a cigarette, and those old...

Vaping Guides

A Complete Guide To The Innokin Bastion LIFT Box Mod

In this vaping guide, we share a complete guide to the Innokin Bastion LIFT Box Mod, sharing an in-depth look into this innovative addition to the vaping market. Innokin has been left behind for years as other brands took charge of the market, creating some heavy-hitter mods that captured the...

Vaping Guides

A Complete Guide To The Pulse BF Box Mod

If you’re looking for help or instructions for your Vandy Vape Pulse BF Box Mod then you’ll want to scroll through these pages of our complete guide to the Pulse BF Box Mod. The Pulse BF has become the talk of the vaping market as soon as Vandy Vape announced its release. Since then...

Intermediate Vaping Guides

What Is A Squonk Mod and How Do They Work

While the name may sound odd, a squonk mod is one of the most interesting devices on the market. A squonk mod, which is also known as a bottom feeder mod, is a device that has the capability of storing an e-liquid bottle and supplying the e-liquid from the bottom of the device to the top hollowed...



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Innokin iSub B Tank

Innokin iSub B Tank