This section is for the beginner of electronic cigarettes. You can find more introductory articles and how-to’s in the Beginner section of Guide To Vaping.

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Electronic Cigarette Coupons

If you are searching the internet for Electronic Cigarette Coupons you have fallen on the right page.  Every gas station, convenience store and most retail outlets that sell cigarettes now...

How To Clean An Atomizer

As you will notice throughout your time of vaping, your atomizers will start to give off a bad taste. The bad taste is because your atomizer is filled with left over liquid that has sat in the bottom and got gunked up. What is the solution to this? Clean it! Yes, that's right, cleaning the atomizer will solve that nasty gunky taste and bring your atomizer back to life! I will explain how to do this in just a few quick steps.
disposable vape no nicotine

Disposable Vape Pen No Nicotine: Is There Such A Thing?

A disposable vape pen with no nicotine; is there such a thing? Believe it or not but there is. In fact, not only are there regular disposable vape pens...
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Vaping Mods For Beginners

Let me first begin this post by explaining what a Mod is exactly, being that I'm inserting this addition into the "Beginner" category here on GuideToVaping. A Mod was...
5 helpful tips

5 Helpful Tips To Get You The Best Deals On E-Cig Products

For many of us electronic cigarette users, we already know multiple ways to get the best deals on e-cig products, but many don't. I'll introduce to you 5 helpful...

What Happens When You Adjust The Watts

  You've just purchased a new device and you've been told that it has adjustable wattage, but you're clueless and no-one has confirmed what happens when you adjust the watts...
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Can I Use Any Eliquid In My Vape?

Quiet down, cloud-chasers at the back. “Can I use any eliquid in my vape” is a very common question for newcomers to the vaping hobby, and it’s one that...

PG/VG Ratio – Why Does It Matter

Whether you choose your e-liquid for the flavor or you like a juice that gives you big clouds, one thing that will help you pick the right liquid is...
its time to upgrade

It’s Time To Upgrade – GuideToVaping’s Recommendations

There have been many viewers asking Guide To Vaping what products we recommend when upgrading from your standard "eGo" or "Evod" setup.  Though we've made recommendations in the past,...

Vaping While Pregnant: Is It Safe

It's a question I hear quite often, and more than you would think.  "Is it safe to vape during pregnancy, what effect does vaping have on an unborn baby?"  The...