This section is for the beginner of electronic cigarettes. You can find more introductory articles and how-to’s in the Beginner section of Guide To Vaping.

is your premium e-liquid really premium

Is Your Premium E-Liquid Really Premium?

For year's and more so now, e-liquid branding has been tossed around carrying the "premium" label to insinuate that it's in with the it crowd, that it's better than...
best nicotine strength

Choosing The Best Nicotine Strength

Choosing the best nicotine strength is something smokers and new vapers continue to struggle with as they begin vaping. Many of these new vapers often ask the wrong question when pondering this topic. It...
man blowing vapor

Can You Vape Everyday and All Day?

Many vapers often wonder can you vape everyday and all day -- it's a question that's entered all of our minds when we were first learning about the world...

Reinventing The Personal Charging Case

Electronic Cigarettes have become a fantastic alternative for millions of people, and though the majority of them do use the stick style ecig (look-a-like), it of course has its...
Top 5 Best Mouth-To-Lung Tanks

Top 5 Best Mouth-To-Lung Tanks

In this article we're going to share the top 5 best mouth-to-lung clearomizer tanks, as well as providing some vital information about these specific tanks.  In addition, we want...

What Is VG?

Vegetable Glycerin, also known as VG. Vegetable Glycerol (or glycerin, glycerine) is a simple polyol compound. It is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is widely used in...
safety matters

Ecigarette Reviewed’s New Guide To E-Cig Safety

If you've been a long-time reader of this blog, you've probably gotten a hint that I'm big on e-cig safety. If you're new here, I would like you to...

Overall Basic PV Maintenance

In this video, Blake reminds you to keep up with the basic maintenance to prolong your PV's life and help you save money.

The Truth Behind E-Liquid Reviews

The stories that make ordinary people YouTube famous, pushing link filled articles and advertisements fueled by words of deliciousness... forget it all. This is the truth behind e-liquid reviews. While most of...

Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

When you first receive your e-cig, it usually comes with a blank cartridge that has a type of wool filter inside of it.  These blank cartridges are common to...