This same time 2 years ago, the Clearstream-AIR Study was released covering ecigs and second vapor – finding that there is NO harm found in exhaled vapor from electronic cigarettes.

Fast forward to September 1st of 2012 (I’m just finding this btw) and a new study covering the Characterization of chemicals released to the environment by electronic cigarettes use – which is the latest study apart of the Clearstream-AIR Project.

The study came from a toxicology lab in Italy and the Onasis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens and led by experts in Italy and Greece.

The study asks, is passive vaping a reality?

Study Conclusions: Passive vaping is expected from the use of an e-cig. However, the quality and the quantity of chemicals released to the environment are by far less harmful for the human health compared to regular tobacco cigarettes. Evaporation instead of burning, absence of sever harmful chemicals from the liquids and absence of sidestream smoking from the use of the e-cig are probable reasons for the difference in results.


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