Designing The Perfect Starter Kit

As you know, I’ve reviewed many starter kits from various vendors and though a lot of them are definitely commendable, none of them are perfect. If it’s a great device, the clearomizer that comes with it isn’t a good one, or if it comes with a good clearomizer, expect the device to be something average. This is why I want us to design the perfect starter kit and let electronic cigarette vendors build from that. You may not think it, but these companies listen to feedback and want to offer whatever the consumer wants. It gives you the exact product you want and it puts money into the company’s pocket; it’s a win – win situation.

The Device

Choosing the perfect device for any vaper shouldn’t be a hard task. I’ve explained many times on this blog what device I think is my opinion of the absolute best for any vaper. A perfect e-cig has to be one that all vapers can enjoy; something that is universal and that will satisfy you as a beginner and as the most experienced. The device will need to be variable, giving you the option for more vapor or less. Being that it will need to work for everyone, it can’t be too small, yet it will still need to be pocket friendly. The battery life will need to be long, but the battery can’t enlarge the body since we need to stay in the medium of size. Here’s our options…

Stick Ecig: The stick ecig is small and comfortable to many. It’s a traditional size that everyone is used to, but in the ecig world, small tube batteries typically mean lower lengths in time between charges. Though stick ecigs work great and can be pleasing to some, it doesn’t always satisfy the most needy of vapers.  Some users require some power and the stick ecig can’t supply enough.

eGo: The eGo type ecigs are more in the medium range. It’s more comparable to the size of a cigar, shaped a bit different, but is still pocket friendly. Being that it’s a little larger, it of course has a larger battery to fill the space. The batteries in the eGo have options, making the eGo taller, but not wider. Common eGo battery sizes are 650mAh, 900mAh and 1000mAh. The 650 being the shortest and the 1000 being the tallest. The good thing is, is it’s still pocket friendly and adds battery life. Though the eGo can provide a bit more of a hit, resulting in more vapor, it still doesn’t necessarily reach to the more needy vapers. However, there is a version of the eGo that does – the eGo-C Twist. The eGo Twist is a variable voltage device that can reach up to 4.8 volts. The average high voltage vaper sits at about 4.7 to 5 volts. The added variable voltage function will work great for a beginner who doesn’t require much of a hit and will also work great for the more experienced vapers, who do require that type of hit. As an addition, choosing a clearomizer with certain Ohm’s can raise and lower the draw as well.

Mod: Mods or known as Modified Electronic Cigarettes are much larger in size, also carrying a much larger battery. A mods battery can last days in between charges, but the size isn’t pocket friendly and won’t settle well with some. However, some mods have outstanding features that classify them as Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APV). These advanced devices usually means features like variable voltage, variable wattage, displays, check features and safety features. Mods seem like the perfect choice as far as function, but the drawback is its large size. Many of us vapers are hoping to see much smaller advanced devices in the future of the industry.

The Clearomizer

Used to starter kits would come with cartridges, but these days they’re being offered with clearomizers. Though clearomizers are quite the upgrade, the starter kits haven’t kept up with the ecig markets quickly evolving clearomizers and the one’s that are being offered in these kits have known issues because of design. However, vendors continue to pack them in kits.

Top Coil Clearomizer: A top coil clearomizer is what’s usually offered in a starter kit. Inside the tanks, the coil sits at the top of the unit with wicking material (strings) hanging down towards the bottom. The way this was designed was to have the coil at the top so that the e-liquid doesn’t flood it. Then the wicks would be hanging down to soak up the e-liquid no matter the e-liquid level and deliver it to the coil. The problem with this design is, the wicks do a poor job delivering the e-liquid at a pace that can keep up with the average vaper. Not only that, when higher voltages are used, e-liquid is vaporized at a much quicker rate and the wicks aren’t able to keep up.

Bottom Coil Clearomizer: With a bottom coil clearomizer, the coil sits at the bottom with less wick. Being that it’s at the bottom, gravity is used to continuously keep the wicking material soaked with e-liquid, resulting in far less dry hits. This type of clearomizer is the new and improved version in the world of e-liquid tanks. It can even keep up with higher voltages since there is no wicking issues that exist. In addition, bottom coil clearomizers are easily refillable and very easy to change its pre-made coil. These clearomizers are also known as Bottom Coil Changeables (BCC).

The E-Liquid

A true starter kit should come with e-liquid. A starter kit is supposed to be an all-in-one kit; simply everything you need to get started vaping. However, many starter kits do not come with any e-liquid at all. I think vendors should offer a bottle of e-liquid in a starter kit package. This will allow the customer to make one purchase on one item, with no confusion and no regrets. After all, this will be the perfect starter kit. Maybe a few 3ml bottles or 1 10ml could do the trick.

The Conclusion

Now that we’ve laid out everything we need to know, designing the perfect starter kit should be a breeze.

The eGo-C Twist: It’s universal for all vapers, offering variable voltage, small pocket friendly size and optional battery sizes. In my opinion, if I had to pick one device for all vapers, this would be it.

The Bottom Coil Clearomizer: To match the eGo-C Twist with appearance, the bottom coil clearomizers is what we’re after, such as an EVOD BCC. It uses the now common eGo connection and wicks e-liquid perfectly. Available in lower resistance and a normal resistance, these clearomizers put out solid vapor and continuous clearomizer performance. Not to mention, the ease of use factor with BCC clearomizers is a huge plus.

E-Liquid: To top it all off, a 10ml bottle of e-liquid, optional flavor to the customer would make this starter kit we’ve put together, perfect.

What’s your idea of a perfect starter kit? Let us know in the comments below.

Vendors, if you can build a starter kit such as this, please let viewers know in the comments below!






3 responses to “Designing The Perfect Starter Kit”

  1. Mike Avatar

    My local vendor put together a similar kit for me which also included a charger and two extra coils.

  2. Hale Avatar

    I was extremely pleased about my starter kit. From a local e-juice company I purchased a Kanger E-vod starter kit which included: 2X battery, 2X clearomizer, 5X heating coil (2.2ohm), 1X usb cable and a wall adaptor, and of course a free sample of their organic e-juice. The price was unbeatable too!

  3. broham Avatar

    This article is exactly what I was thinking, good stuff. The starter I got was a bottom shelf EVOD with just the charger. Talk about crap! Almost as bad a first impression as BluCigs!

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