A disgruntled smoker creates a video cursing RiP Trippers, a popular YouTube reviewer within the e-cigarette industry.

Though I would enjoy writing a few paragraphs of beneficial news, this post just doesn’t deserve it. I don’t want to give this disgruntled smoker anymore video views, but it’s honestly just hilarious. That said, I figured I would share it with the rest of you.

Speaking of, while we’re here, let’s make a bet. What will kill him first, smoking the cigarettes or smoking the crack? – I apologize, that’s very unprofessional of me.


  1. His voice kind of reminds me of Walter Jr. from Breaking Bad. We all know what really gave Walter Jr. Cerebral Palsy: vaping. I’ve been vaping 5 years and ecigs have given me Aids, Cancer, MS, and a few other things. More people should listen to brilliant minds like these and continue to better their lives with analog cigarettes.

  2. I think Rip Trippers does a great job reaching a wider audience. The only thing he needs to change is his coil building techniques. Most coils will not fire unless properly built and tested with a multimeter, and he definitely needs to show how you can not only have a great vape but also a bad vape, if he is doing this for more diverse crowds and reaching out to the masses. Every coil and builder will always be different, the only way to standardize it is to use science. Proof is in the pudding. Take it easy everyone.