Holiday’s are about sharing, caring and having fun… Oh and not to let me forget, presents!

Today I would like to announce that we at are holding an awesome Holiday Giveaway. With the support and participation of the many vendors in this community, we’re able to give 4 lucky vapers an awesome vapey Holiday this year.

What makes this giveaway so different from the others we hold? Well, let’s just say Santa was very giving.

( Giveaway Done! – Congrats to all winners and thanks to all participating vendors! )

What Can You Win?

1st Winner: Mrs. DC

  • 1x Bombshell Mod Kit (
  • 1x $25 Gift Certificate (
  • 1x 35ml Bottle of E-Liquid (
  • 1x $20 Gift Certificate (
  • 1x $50 Gift Certificate (

2nd Winner: TheTruckingGeek

  • 1x $25 Gift Certificate (
  • 5x Regular 510 Atomizer (
  • 5x LR 510 Atomizer (
  • 6x 5ml Bottles of E-Liquid (
  • 5x 10ml Bottles of E-Liquid (

3rd Winner: VaperSteve1975

  • 5x 10ml Bottles of E-Liquid (
  • 5x Regular 510 Atomizer (
  • 5x LR 510 Atomizer (
  • 3x 10ml Bottles of E-Liquid (
  • 3x LR SmokTech Cartomizers (

4th Winner: VapingTurtle

5th Winner: JayTheVapingGuy

6th Winner: gjns711

  • 1x $50 Gift Certificate (

How Can I Enter This Giveaway?:

Respond to this post adding to the story from the last comment made. Use only vaping related content for your response. Feel free to express your humor. 🙂

We will announce the winners on our Google+ Page and our Twitter on the day before new years eve, Friday December 30th. (Be sure to follow us!)

EDIT: We will be having a LIVE show here at GuideToVaping with special guest host JD Vorr from to host the Giveaway. Be sure to tune in here at 9:00PM EST.

(Example: Last Comment – I bought a new drip shield | Your Comment: and I used it on my new provari)

First Sentence: Not too long ago when I first started vaping, I discovered this awesome…


How Will We Pick The Winners?:

Your comment is numbered behind the scenes of GuideToVaping. At the end of the giveaway, we will use a random number generator on video and generate 4 numbers which will be our 4 winners.

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  • 1 Reply per person.
  • Follow instructions exactly or your comment will be removed.
  • Fill the form correctly when responding.
  • You can link to other forums, websites or vaping networks, but please… do not spam.
  • IF you mess up on your original comment, don’t post again, I’ll fix it to make sense with the story.
  • Please tweet, G+, like and any other social sharing you can do for this giveaway post. Give others the same opportunity to have an awesome vapey Holiday.

Disclaimer: To participate in this and any giveaway we hold at, you must be 18 or older. By entering this giveaway, you certify that your age is at least 18 or older.

Special Thanks to all the participating vendors. If it wasn’t for your generous donations, this wouldn’t be possible. 

Please take a moment to view our participating vendors websites:










  1. (However, being under the legal age for purchasing tobacco related products, said children were deemed irrelevant from this story and henceforth deleted.)

  2. not the typical ones it seems… these were fueled by red dawrins and custom empires… not those typical, boring human desires… and losing out to all the self control they could muster… a shout to the heavens was heard… i’d give my left nut… for 30 mls of fuzzbuster

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  4. “I’ve got to play the hand I was dealt” and he removed her Hog Mod and told her to grab the beautiful Blue Reos Grand that was loaded with Baileys and Coffee from Pink Spot and began to vape himself into a coma…

  5. But his charger was shot, it was all for naught. How will I vape he thought? I will build a passthru you see, but what will I mod? He sat down to ponder and when all looked bleak…

  6. Grimm Green was grim. He had not a mechanical bone in his body; and the box mod needed not the found AW high drain 18650, but instead a 16340! He went…

  7. …but the Silver Bullet in question had been purchased from the classifieds and had been modded into a light saber. The poor vaper was killed instantly and the FDA swooped in to regulate the industry. George Lucas could not be reached for comment.

  8. a powerful man walks in, looking like some vaping greek. The man takes a huge hit at the highest voltage on his lavatube and sprays the FDA with “lot o vapor” and “lot o flavor”, ultimately switching them into now believers. Weirdly, they all loved the taste so they started

  9. And out of nowhere a silver bullet shot through the sky and unicorn shot dead, so the Gnome fell with favorite juices but was saved by his spiral drip shield.

  10. oh shit, shake that ass ma, move it like a gypsy
    stop, woah, back it up, now let me see your hips SWING
    stop, woah, back it up, now let me see your hips SWING
    now drop it looooow and let me see your hips SWING
    down to the floooor now let me see your hips SWING

  11. suddenly a light blinks at him, its a new battery charged and ready to use, digs through his tackle box of ecig gear, grabs a bridgless atty, blows the atty out for good measure , then drips some camel toe ftw,

  12. although elegant with taste,
    he could not vape on the ming vase,
    and he dreamt of owning a Gold Rush
    the thought of it made him blush…

  13. “Oo my steeped menthol ice!!!” by the time he noticed half of tank leaked all over the place “Ah! can’t belive I only have half tank of my favorite vape left!! and the reat are ALL bluemist”:-( …

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  15. He then got a new PV from Santa. It was the legendary un-named PV. It had every feature imaginable. A battery that never died and a mystical part that created any juice the user wanted.

  16. he assembled it all together, dripped some juice on that golden atty, first vape there was a nice sweet flavor with th and billowing clouds of vapor

  17. The third vape, however was not so great. Instead he got a puff of the one thing we all hate. The taste of the dry atty made him look at it and yell, “Man, I just dripped in this stupid thing, what the hell?!”

  18. And there was the Ghost of PV Past puffing on a blu and breaking all the Provaris of the world while laughing and listening to bad “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” covers by the Dixie Chicks.

  19. Then came Good Witch casting a spell on the Ghost of PV Past. She waived her wan and all the broken Provaris was once again just like new.

  20. Not too long ago when I first started vaping, I discovered this awesome way to modify myself to become a ecig and I call myself VAPORTRON

  21. …my tank ran dry of my delicious Pink Spot juice. This is when I realized my powers were derived from those magical elixirs. VAPORTRON had been rendered powerless. Just then…

  22. all about the land a sound a new sound could be heard . It was so mysterious, and strange, as to send a chill up the spine. A ghostly wail of the lost and hopeless kind. “Why oh Why is a 808 to 510 adapter so damn hard to find!”

  23. It’s not, it’s not! Said the Hummingbird so kind. I too have been in this sort of bind. Call Santa right now. Call Santa today, and this is what he shall have to say……………….

  24. And in the trash they went, as the he took up his PV. He inhaled a drag and exclaimed, “This ones for me!”. So hwitg one last glance …

  25. but then chose her new REO Woodvill 18490 and some vaped some vapetastic Rawr Banana Cream Pie, all the while logging onto VapeTVlive and to her surprise who did she see…

  26. as she grabbed her 44. she hit the front door shot jackson down and laughed like a clown. as she hit her PV she decided to drip some sweet..

  27. But not better than a chocolate Santa…so she bit off his head, and while the chocolate was melting in her mouth, she vaped the butterscotch maple, feeling and tasting the flavors meld

  28. It wasnt the taste of a bad carto…. Oh well just up the voltage on the provari and she vaped on! But soon her mouth was flooded with a Maple Butterscotch mess! O_O

  29. and as she spat it out, she kept thinking, who in the &^%&^ would mix maple and butterscotch together, is this supposed to be good?

  30. […] On the contrary, there are over 4000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, and at least 69 of those chemicals are known to cause cancer! Having to use a needle to take advantage of everything the human growth hormone has to offer is understandably not something most people are eager to do. Each worm has a head that remains attached to the intestine as well as dozens of egg filled segments that break off and pass out along with the faces. Let it dry by itself. Seek medical attention if the wound becomes red, has a foul smell, develops pus or the patient develops a fever. click […]


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