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Hot Vapes Glass Drip Tip

West Coast Vape Supply

As many of you may know, has quite the selection of electronic cigarettes, e-liquid and accessories. With the vast amount of products they have, the ones that they personally have manufactured are the one’s that really catch my eye. They’re known for the big battery mods, but it now looks like they also produce exclusive color designed glass drip tips as well.

I’m not a fan nor do I see the point in doing reviews on something as simple as a drip tip, but when it’s a glass drip tip, I think we can make an exception. I know of just a few vapers that actually collect drip tips and as you’ve seen from my pictures on Flickr, I do too. I have many strange hobbies, but I believe many of us are like that. We do it for the sheer act, a remembrance or in most cases because you’re just that damn bored. Me personally? – I collect them for a remembrance; A piece of history for electronic cigarettes and a fantastic product for discussion. Who knows what the future may hold, yea?

These glass drip tips from Hot Vapes are called “Hot Tips”. Hot Tips is an assorted selection of color designed glass drip tips. Each design has a name and the one I happen to receive is called “Silicon Waterfall Glass Drip Tip”. This glass drip tip is an awesome addition to my collection and this happens to be the first glass drip tip I’ve owned. Drip tips are pretty important in our world of electronic cigarettes. We use them every time we use our e-cig and we have to find one that is the most comfortable to our lips. For an example, I love the way metal drip tips look, but they get too hot for my liking. This glass drip tip is of course very amazing as far as looks go, but the size of this particular tip is beyond my comfortable spot. While browsing through the many designs and shapes of the hot tips located on the website, I did notice smaller sized glass drip tips. The smaller tips would suit me more I think, however the tip I do have is perfect for discussion and a nice a show piece. Just for some added info, the tip didn’t get hot at all. It is aggravating to get the glass drip tip in your atomizer or cartomizer at first (because of the O-ring), but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier.

There isn’t really much I can say, although I am just trying to give you some detail for the tip I received. The best thing in this situation is to view them and try them for yourself. Here’s a few pictures I took of my Hot Tip.

If you’re interested in seeing more glass drip tips from Hot Vapes, please visit

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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  1. I love glass drip tips! got mine through because all the ones I liked at hot vapes were out of stock. my clear pyrex tip is fun, you can see the vapor coming up & through it 🙂

  2. does anyone know how the air flow is on these

    would be a good gift lol

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