As the summer nears, you get the idea of relaxation with your PV in one hand and your juice in the other. Just to set the summer off right and make that idea reality, has donated for this Juicy Summer Giveaway.

What Can You Win?:

(2 Winners Total – Juice MG Strength is not negotiable.)

Grand Prize:

  • Joyetech eGo-T Mod (With Upgrade 2 Electronics) (Black)
  • TSV 510 Atomizer (2.0ohm Black)
  • 10 Bottle USA E-Liquid Sampler Pack – (3ml – 12mg)
  • 15ml Bottle of Flavor Flush

Runner Up:

  • 10 Bottle USA E-Liquid Sampler Pack – (3ml – 12mg)
  • 15ml Bottle of Flavor Flush

How To Enter?:

For Texas Select Vapor providing this awesome giveaway, please take time to click the links below. Take a peek around the site and subscribe to the mailing list!

  • Subscribe To The Mailing List
  • Visit Texas Select Vapor
  • Reply in the comments below if you’ve had any experience with TSV. If you haven’t purchased from TSV, please tell us something that you like or think could improve about the website.
  • Like GuideToVaping and the giveaways we have? – Feel free to give us a Like, Share or +1!


When Will The Giveaway End?: 6/19/2012

So others can have the same opportunity to win, we will let this giveaway last for 3 weeks. By doing this, it will give others time to participate and for us all to share this great opportunity. Please Share this page on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and any other social site. We appreciate your help!

Congrats to Wayne and Bill!


  1. […] they sell. With that being said, I see this as a great giveaway to start off a Juicy Summer! Texas Select Vapor Juicy Summer Giveaway | Guide To Vaping Good luck to everyone and we appreciate your participation! Come indulge yourself with […]

  2. I have ordered Juice from TSV and can tell you without any doubt that not only is the juice delicious, the service is excellent as well. If you have not tried Texas Select Vapor juice, you are surely missing out.

    Darrin PUP Gold

  3. I have not tried TSV juice yet, in fact this is the first I have heard of them! I would very much like to try them- looks like they have a great variety of flavors and since I switch frequently, they are now on my list to try!

  4. I haven’t used them before, but will be giving them a try, the prices seem to be very good, the only negative thing I can say with the site is the font in a bit too small for easy reading for some of us.

  5. This is the 1st I have heard about TSV… I am really curious about the Watt-A-Vape Mod that they have ‘coming soon’, and also the juice made for the higher watt devices…
    Thanks for the contest!!

  6. I like the layout of your website, it’s easy to navigate and appears to operate on the K.I.S.S. Principle…no hassle finding things and plenty of information. I myself am interested in trying anything I have not tried yet…which is most things..LOL. I am relatively new to vaping and have the basics, but would enjoy the opportunity to expand my horizons. Thank you for your generosity to the Vaping Community…it’s wonderful to see Vendors PIF’ing!!!

  7. love the Joyetech eGo-C Twist would like to see a kit with them! the butter nipple juice is fantastic! your site is very easy to look thru.great choices!! ty for the contest!!!

  8. Very nice site and selection of goodies you have there! I’m always searching for new juice and I see several that look very tasty indeed! A most generous offering TSV! Thank You!

  9. Very nice site, added to my favorites cause your juice sounds fantastic. when I went to 510t atomizers it said nothing available but go to accesories and they are there. that needs a fix. so looking forward to trying your fruit juices

  10. I have not tried TSV, but have heard very good things. I’d like to enter the give-away, which asks for feedback: I am sensitive to PG over 10%, it would be nice to see ratios of ingredients and options for all VG base when choosing juices.

  11. Never purchased from TSV before but took a spin around the website. I like what I see. Pleasing aesthetics, unique set-up. And I love that you have vaping and product manuals and guides. Love it.
    My suggestions are: list pg/vg ratio and note if a product is out of stock in the menus and quickviews instead of just in the products’ full description page. I’m interested in your flavors as you have unique and delicious sounding blends. Thanks or the giveaway!

  12. very easy to navigate the website!
    love ego’s!
    the juice’s sound really great!love the names! would really like to try the ego twist!

  13. Heard about Texas Select and received some juice from them through VapeTeam. I just sent a buddy of mine to their website a couple weeks ago. Great juice, great site. Thanks for the chance.

  14. I found your site very easy to navigate. I really liked the fact that you included user manuals and guides on the website, I don’t remember seeing that from any other vendor.

  15. the website looks fantastic. loads fast, very easy to navigate. and user friendly!! ive never ordered from TSV but just the experience on their page has made me think about it!

  16. I’ve been interested in TSV. I am just getting started into vaping and I have already spent $700+ and now I’m thinking about a Provari. When I first started vaping someone said it is cheaper then smoking LOL. I know once I find the just right decive it will get cheaper I HOPE =)

  17. Haven’t tried TSV yet, but based on the comments so far I’ll probably pick up a 30ml or two & give them a whirl!

    Re: the website. The menu system isn’t very mobile friendly. A little tedious to navigate on an iPad but not impossible.

  18. I have been thinking for a long time that I would like to give a peach liquid a try. I will definitely have to give yours a try! Great site, easy to navigate and with a great selection!

  19. I have never tried TSV, but it looks like a great site.
    This might seems silly but I like that fact that they write in white. Some sites use different colors that makes it hard to read.
    Thanks for the heads up!

  20. I have had perfect flavors from all the

    The Vanilla Frappe is the BEST coffee vape I have ever had. Absolutely perfect!

    Brett does not put a juice on the site untill it is exactly what he wanted it to be. Spot on flavors are a must for him.

  21. New to TSV, the site looks great — can’t wait to see more details on the Watt-A-Vape Mod & love to try some of the juice πŸ™‚

  22. I met the folks from Texas Select at a Vape Meet and they were excellent people to chat and hang out with. I tried several of the flavors and Pearalyzing Peach was the standout winner IMHO.

  23. I’m curious about Watt-A-Vape & Watt-A-Juice too! I’m fine with the font size but the dark blue font on a black background isn’t the most visually popping. Thanks for the contest!

  24. Just recieved my first order from TSV. FANTASTIC flavors. Cant wait till i start running low and can try some more!!! And it would be great to win this on top of it!!!

  25. Just placed my first order with TEXAS SELECT, and looking forward to trying Buttery Nipples in my KGO. Sounds soooo yummy.

    This site is classy looking with the black background, which makes the pictures and words POP.

    Hope you continue to add more flavors! Would like to have some PG / VG choices however.

  26. I have not tried TSV yet, but they sound good. The website is professional. I think I would love some of their flavors.

  27. Brett is a fantastic owner and does whatever it takes to please the customer. I know first hand when i screwed up my mailing address on accident, but he happened to be coming to the area and hand delivered me some juice. I couldnt survive without my vapetherainbow. If you havent tried their juice, its a must!!!!!

  28. I haven’t had a chance to try too many vendors, have to stick to my vaping budget and parcel out my purchases slowly. Always happy to add a potential vendor to my bookmarks though.

  29. Relative noob- just over 3 months since my last analog. Chose 808d-1 platform because it was as close to the Walmart Mistic line I started on. Looks like the site is mostly geared toward the 510. Prices on juice are on par with a lot of other sites. Added them to my browser favorites and will pop back from time to time- especially if i switch to the 510

  30. Thank you for introducing me to another great vaping store. Will def be ordering some juice from them in the future when my budget allows :). Thank’s for contest also

  31. First I’ve heard of TSV but love the website. Very easy to navigate and lots of good stuff. I’m eyeing the Ego Twist and there’s some yummy looking juices too! If I hadn’t just stocked up on juice!!! I’ll be back when I need more juice, fer sure!

  32. I would love to try the Southern Mochaccino Flavor. Thank you for having the contest! You have a lovely site.

  33. I’m rally new to vaping, but glad I finally made it “here” – I’m no longer a slave to smokes!!! I’ll be trying out TSV juices for sure!

  34. I have not tried your products yet. Looks like a great site would like to see clearance sections or deals of the week section. Would like to see clearomizers that light up different colors. Thanks for the contest.

  35. Have yet to try your products, but you do have a good layout on the website as well as pretty decent deals. Appreciate the contest you’re having, good luck to all!

  36. This is a great contest thank you for offering this. Also I am looking forward to trying some of your juices.

  37. Nice website overall. My suggestion would be to make it a little more mobile friendly. I end up doing alot on my phone due to traveling, so i browse with it. Nothing extreme, i am using an android phone.

    I am interested in your juices…sound great for summer, especially in Florida. I will be getting some on my next juice fill regardless of the contest.

  38. I like the colors of this site. My eyes are kinda sensitive and a lot of sites have really busy and bright colors that really bother my eyes. This site is more visually friendly than a lot of others.

  39. This is the first visit to your site. Explored it and love the presentation of the site. II tried to create the first fictitious order with a joye510 and a juice in cart. Went through the checkout process becauseI tend to encounter the same problem at several sites. Until i reach the step to enter my shipping address. Then I was prompt the msg “Unfortunately one or more items in your cart can’t be shipped to your location. Please choose a different delivery address.”
    i tried to check out each item indiviually but still see the same msg. Its a shame but would be great if this issue can be resolved. Thank you.

  40. Great website! I love sweet, caramely, fruity flavors! Can’t wait to order and try some of the juices available! The Juicy Summer Giveaway would be awesome to win!

  41. When someone mentioned the “Bronco” mod I thought it was the Bronco’s football team. Looked all over for it. Ha-Ha.

    Nice site though.

  42. I would like to see “808” parts/kits on your website, as I prefer them to 510. Other than that I would like to try some of your flavors.

    Thanks for the contest!!

  43. The site looks great. The only thing that I don’t like is the banner on the first page that changes. On my old computer, it makes me lag.
    Thanks for the contest!

  44. I’d love to see some clearomizers – particularly the Stardust and ViVi 2. Nice navigation and plenty of products.
    Thank you!

  45. I haven’t bought or used any products from this site soon, but browsing around it, I could see myself buying from them in the future. Regarding the website: It’s designed well enough, but the blue text in product descriptions is a bit difficult to read. I had to highlight it to see it well, otherwise it hurt my eyes. The issue wasn’t extremely major, but it’s certainly something I’d suggest looking into.

  46. I’ve not heard of your company until today. I was impressed with your website design and the FAST loading pages. Also impressed with your offerings of liquids and equipment. The one thing I might change is to brighten the blue links a bit. I like the blue color on the black background, but the smaller words are a bit difficult to read. Brighten them a bit…perfect πŸ™‚

  47. I’ve not heard about this company but id like to order from you in the future , i like the way information its stocked on your website and the layout of the website Thanks for the contest

  48. I never heard of Texas Select Vapor before and after checking out the web site, I find that there are a lot of things that look very interesting and resonably priced too. WOW ! ! ! And now a Contest for a Joyetech eGo-T Mod – NICE . . . Thank You for the opportunity to enter.

  49. I’ve not purchased from TSV, but I’m totally looking forward to trying their products and I’m excited about their collaboration with evolv!!! I cant wait to see what they come up with!


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