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The Billet Box

In the most recent APV announcements  we’ve been seeing not only better features being introduced, but now these PV makers are really focusing on the design. Though this is no beauty contest, it damn sure entices you to pay up. With this next PV announcement, The Billet Box, you’ll...


Provari Vs. Lavatube/VariTube – Again??

Yes, we are having this conversation again. Without delving into the scores of threads on every vaping/ecig forum, there are other people out there still asking the question.  I caught a post on Reddit the other day once again asking “Provari or Lavatube” and started wondering if any of...

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Time Without The E-Cig

With smoking, we know all to well about the times of counting the hours we could refrain from lighting up another cig. If you were a chain smoker, then even making it an hour-long without taking another puff was an accomplishment. Once we switched to the electronic cigarette, we felt more at ease...

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Vape It Like You Stole It!

When you think of the saying “Vape it like you stole it”, how do you take it? – I’m not sure about you, but some people are literally vaping like they stole it… well, because they did. I was shocked to hear of not only one occasion, but several where people were at...

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Hot Vapes Glass Drip Tip

As many of you may know, has quite the selection of electronic cigarettes, e-liquid and accessories. With the vast amount of products they have, the ones that they personally have manufactured are the one’s that really catch my eye. They’re known for the big battery mods...

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Colored Tank – AltSmoke

With now having 3 tanks, which I must add all are SmokTech styles, I decided to purchase another. You might ask why I’m purchasing the same styled tank… Well, my answer is – they work. Mind you, I haven’t used any other type of tank besides these that come with the flanged...



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Innokin Podin

Innokin Podin